Gordon Leslie Belnap (1929-living)
Gathered here are materials on Gordon Leslie Belnap, child of Arias Guy Belnap and Mabel Harris:
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Autobiographical Writings
Biographical Materials
Birth Records
Birth Certificate: Gordon Leslie Belnap [TO COME]
LDS Materials
Ordination Certificate: Deacon certificate [TO COME]  
Ordination Certificate: Teacher certificate [TO COME]  
Ordination Certificate: Priest certificate [TO COME]  
Ordination Certificate: Elder certificate [TO COME]  
Ordination Certificate: High Priest certificate  
Patriarchal Blessing: Gordon Leslie Belnap 14 Mar 1945 [PRIVATE]  
LDS Mission Materials
Mission Farewell Program: Elder Gordon Belnap 31 Jul 1949  
Mission Letters/Journals [TO COME]
Passenger List: New York: "Queen Elizabeth": Gordon Leslie Belnap 20 Mar 1952  
Newspaper Articles (Titles)
Girl Gives Party On 7th Birthday 15 Mar 1936 Ogden Standard  
Trio Has Varied Interests In High School Life 1 Oct 1944 Ogden Standard  
Visitors Are Feted At Home Parties 20 Jul 1947 Ogden Standard  
Newspaper Makes Long Round Trip 15 Jan 1950 Ogden Standard  
Ward to Hear Missionary 11 Apr 1952 Ogden Standard  
Joy McArthur Engaged To Gordon Belnap 8 Jun 1952 Ogden Standard  
Miss Joy McArthur Is Married In Temple To Gordon L. Belnap 3 Aug 1952 Ogden Standard  
Obituaries: Allan Belnap 2 May 1953 Ogden Standard  
Jaycess To Clean Up Reds Ticket Drive 20 Mar 1955 Ogden Standard  
Jaycees Will Promote Judging Team Contests 1 Nov 1959 Ogden Standard  
Intercollegiate Judging On Stock Show Agenda 13 Oct 1960 Ogden Standard  
Speaker Hits Home Ads' Snob Status 18 Nov 1960 Salt Lake Tribune  
Builder Unit Out To Boost Membership 17 Mar 1961 Ogden Standard  
11th Annual 'All Faces' Will Be Given In July 9 Apr 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Will_Be_Given_In_July.pdf  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 23 Apr 1961 Ogden Standard  
New Stage Takes Shape For Pageant 5 May 1961 Ogden Standard  
All Faces' Gets $2,500 From City On Split Vote; Criticism Forecast 12 May 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Gets_$2,500_From_City_On_Split_Vote;_Criticism_Forecast.pdf  
Faces West' To Be Filmed For TV Use 14 May 1961 Ogden Standard'Faces_West'_To_Be_Filmed_For_TV_Use.pdf  
Board Approves Budget For 'All Faces' Event 16 May 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Event.pdf  
Will Build Carport 28 May 1961 Ogden Standard  
Have a Yen to Act? Pageant Can Use You 1 Jun 1961 Ogden Standard  
Workers Building Stage In Park For All Faces 6 Jun 1961 Ogden Standard  
Ogden Board [photo] 18 Jun 1961 Ogden Standard  
All Faces' Chairman Looks Ahead [photo] 27 Jun 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Chairman_Looks_Ahead_(photo).pdf  
Keep Horses Off 'All Faces West' New Stage, Please 30 Jun 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces_West'_New_Stage,_Please.pdf  
All Faces West' Board Names 3 New Members 2 Jul 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces_West'_Board_Names_3_New_Members.pdf  
Council Approves Adding Pioneer To Name of Park 3 Jul 1961 Ogden Standard  
Guards Watch Over Pageant Gear in Park 17 Jul 1961 Ogden Standard  
Pioneer Days Pageant, Parade, Rodeo Praised 28 Jul 1961 Ogden Standard,_Parade,_Rodeo_Praised.pdf  
Levy, Bail Handled In Short Session 4 Aug 1961 Ogden Standard,_Bail_Handled_In_Short_Session.pdf  
City Turns Down All Faces West Appeal For Fence 20 Aug 1961 Ogden Standard  
Better Quality Is Association Aim.pdf 24 Sep 1961 Ogden Standard  
Faces West' Shows $1,754 Profit in '61 22 Oct 1961 Ogden Standard'Faces_West'_Shows_$1,754_Profit_in_'61.pdf  
Colleges To Compete In Judging Contests 4 Nov 1961 Ogden Standard  
All Faces' Shows Profit; Will Be Repeated in '62 7 Nov 1961 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Shows_Profit;_Will_Be_Repeated_in_'62.pdf  
Vital Statistics: Births 7 Nov 1961 Ogden Standard  
Bank Gains Reported, New Director Elected 9 Jan 1962 Ogden Standard,_New_Director_Elected.pdf  
Candidates Seek Jaycee Service Title [photo] 14 Jan 1962 Ogden Standard  
All Faces' Executive Appointed 7 Mar 1962 Ogden Standard'All_Faces'_Executive_Appointed.pdf  
Will Lead Realtors [photo] 4 Jul 1962 Ogden Standard  
Local Junior Chamber to Sponsor College Judging Contest Nov. 9 4 Nov 1962 Ogden Standard  
Fresno College Team Wins Stock Judging 10 Nov 1962 Ogden Standard  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 25 Nov 1962 Ogden Standard  
41 Named To Board By Scouters 7 Dec 1962 Ogden Standard  
Vice President Named By Commercial Security 20 Oct 1963 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Bank Assigns Officer To Real Estate 20 Oct 1963 Salt Lake Tribune [ADD]
Deposits at New High, Banking Officials Told 15 Jan 1964 Ogden Standard,_Banking_Officials_Told.pdf  
WSC Gets $1,000 Fund For Grants From Bank [photo] 16 Jan 1964 Ogden Standard$1,000_Fund_For_Grants_From_Bank_(photo).pdf  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 7 Jun 1964 Ogden Standard  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 26 Jul 1964 Ogden Standard  
Banker Meet Draws 10 From Utah 4 Oct 1964 Salt Lake Tribune  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 10 Jan 1965 Ogden Standard  
Banker Asks County Demo Party Office 1 Feb 1967 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Legal Notices 18 May 1967 Ogden Standard  
Homes Construction in Ogden Closes Good Summer Season 29 Sep 1967 Ogden Standard  
Boy Scout Pow-Wow Begins Here Saturday 29 Nov 1967 Ogden Standard  
Bank Notes New Highs In Earnings, Deposits 10 Jan 1968 Ogden Standard,_Deposits.pdf  
Pow Wow' To Attract Boy Scouts 10 Mar 1968 Ogden Standard'Pow_Wow'_To_Attract_Boy_Scouts.pdf  
Funerals: Heimke 30 Aug 1968 Ogden Standard  
County Commission Tables Library Request to Use Fund for Supplies 2 Apr 1969 Ogden Standard  
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 20 Sep 1970 Ogden Standard  
Boy Scouts, Civc Leaders Join For Aquatic Park Rites [photo] 4 Oct 1970 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Commercial Security Bank Ad [photo] 25 Oct 1970 Ogden Standard  
36 in Community Will Serve Agency 15 Dec 1970 Ogden Standard  
Legal Notice 27 Jan 1971 Ogden Standard  
Demos Give Honor To Businessman 28 Mar 1971 Ogden Standard  
Legal Notices 27 Sep 1971 Ogden Standard  
Anniversary Banquet Set 5 Nov 1971 Ogden Standard  
Lions 50th Year Event Calls Provo Speaker 18 Nov 1971 Ogden Standard  
Civic Club Movement Not Dead Says Former Lion Club Official 22 Nov 1971 Ogden Standard  
Ogden Banker to Head Utah Mortgage Group 30 Apr 1972 Ogden Standard  
Legal Notices 18 May 1972 Ogden Standard  
Zoning Ordinance Talks Continued 19 May 1972 Ogden Standard  
Lions Elect Banker To Top Position 28 May 1972 Ogden Standard  
Ogden Lions Will Host 1,000 At State Sessions [photo] 2 Jun 1972 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Mortgage Banker to Speak 18 Nov 1972 Salt Lake Tribune  
Tradewinds 15 Feb 1973 Salt Lake Tribune  
Today's Youth Not Unpatriotic, AF General Asserts 28 Feb 1973 Ogden Standard's_Youth_Not_Unpatriotic,_AF_General_Asserts.pdf  
Legal Notices 21 Jun 1973 Ogden Standard  
Business Community Must Unite To Rebuild Downtown Banker Says 2 Jul 1973 Ogden Standard  
Legal Notices 16 Aug 1973 Ogden Standard  
Home Builders Challenge Law On Runoff Control 3 May 1974 Ogden Standard  
Jury Selection Begins In Trial of Ex-Banker 19 Nov 1975 Ogden Standard  
Bank Workers Testify On Real Estate Loan 20 Nov 1975 Ogden Standard  
Defense Takes Over In Bank Fund Trial 21 Nov 1975 Ogden Standard  
Jury Lists Guilt For Banker 22 Nov 1975 Salt Lake Tribune  
Former Banker Given Three Years Probation 15 Dec 1975 Ogden Standard  
Fined $2,000 16 Dec 1975 Salt Lake Tribune$2,000.pdf  
My Favorit Car: 1932 Chevy [photo] 1 Jun 1986 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Ogden The Best of Towns, Worst Of Towns To MCA Owner 16 Mar 1988 Ogden Standard [ADD]
Letters to the Editor: Be Fair to Those Who Protect Us 3 Jul 2006 Ogden Standard  
Gunn McKay Integrity in Government Foundation [ad] 15 Jan 2007 Ogden Standard  
Marriage Records
Wedding Announcement/Wedding Reception Invitation: Gordon L. Belnap and Joy McArthur 1952  
Marriage Certificate 11 Jul 1952 [TO COME]
Divorce Records
Divorce Decree [TO COME]
Census Records
1930 U.S. Federal Census, Ogden, Weber, UT 7-8 Apr 1930  
1940 U.S. Federal Census, Ogden, Weber, UT 9 Apr 1940 part 1  
part 2  
Salt Lake City: Gordon Belnap 1979  
U.S. Military Records
Death Records
Mortgage Computer  
Finnish Mission: Alumni  
Korean War: 45th Signal Company  
Family Gathering Audio Recordings
Arias G. Belnap Interview, Ogden, UT (conducted by Gordon L. Belnap family) (transcript only; audio file not available) 197_  
Memories of Arias Guy Belnap and Mabel Harris by Children and Spouses, Radisson Hotel, Ogden, UT (large WMA audio files) 21 Jun 1985 CD; track 1  
CD; track 2  
CD; track 3  
Speakers: Ralph A. Belnap, Helena D. Belnap, Lois B. Erickson, Eldred H. Erickson, Mildred B. Evans, Edwin E. Evans, Donald E. Belnap, Sharon A. Belnap, Gordon L. Belnap, Joy M. Belnap CD; track 4  
CD; track 5  
CD; track 6  
CD; track 7  
Photographs and Images
Arias Guy Belnap Family:
Back row: Ralph Arias Belnap, Mabel Harris Belnap, Lois Ruth Belnap, Arias Guy Belnap; Middle row: Mildred Belnap; Front row: Gordon Leslie Belnap, Donald Eugene Belnap
early 1930s  
Arias Guy Belnap Family:
Front row: Arias Guy Belnap, Mabel Harris Belnap, Ralph Arias Belnap; Back row: Gordon Leslie Belnap, Lois Ruth Belnap, Mildred Belnap, Donald Eugene Belnap
early 1940s  
Gordon Leslie Belnap 1947  
Arias Guy Belnap Family Portrait with Children 11 Jul 1952  
Arias Guy Belnap Family Portrait with Children 11 Jul 1952 [low res]  
Arias Guy Belnap Family Portrait with Children and Spouses 11 Jul 1952 [low res]  
Wedding Portrait: Gordon Leslie Belnap and Joy McArthur 11 Jul 1952  
Gordon Leslie Belnap, seated, in Korea 1953  
Gordon Leslie Belnap and Chaplain Moody, Korea 13 Sep 1953  
Gordon Leslie Belnap 1950s?  
Arias Guy Belnap Family Gathering [26] Aug 1964  
Gordon L. Belnap Family, Ogden, UT 1964-1965 (original scan)  
Gordon L. Belnap Family, Belnap Family Reunion, Shelley, ID (from Jewel Belnap Furniss) 20 Aug 1966 front  
Gordon Leslie Belnap 1960s front  
Gordon Leslie Belnap 1966  
Gordon L. Belnap Family, standing in front of Les and LaVern McArthur's home, 2640 Tyler Avenue, Ogden, UT 22 Mar 1976  
Portrait: Gordon L. and Joy M. Belnap 1994  
Gordon L. Belnap Family: front: Joy M. Belnap, Gordon L. Belnap; back: Brian L. Belnap, Brent J. Belnap, Steven A Belnap 1994 [very low res]  
Gordon L. Belnap Family, with wives and grandchildren, Ogden, UT 1994  
Gladys Joy McArthur (1932-2012)
Sharon Fife
Alan Leslie Belnap (1953-1953)
Steven A Belnap (1956-living)
Brian Lee Belnap (1959-living)
Brent Jay Belnap (1961-living)
Arias Guy Belnap (1893-1974)
Mabel Harris (1894-1972)
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