Accessible through this web page are copies of many original and supplemental historical documents and other resources on the lives of Utah Pioneers Gilbert Belnap, Adaline Knight, Henrietta McBride, their descendants, and their ancestors.
Materials available through these links include many previously unpublished or otherwise generally inaccessible materials.  Contributions and corrections are welcomed.
When reviewing information below, it might be helpful to note that Gilbert Belnap's wives, Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride, were first cousins to each other.  In addition, due to intermarrying among various Mead branches of Adaline's and Henrietta's shared McBride ancestry, the majority of Henrietta's ancestry is also shared with Adaline, although only half of Adaline's ancestry is shared with Henrietta:  Of Henrietta's 16 great great grandparents, 11 (69%) are shared with Adaline, whereas only 8 (50%) of Adaline's 16 great great grandparents are shared with Henrietta.
Click on the names and other terms highlighted below to access helpful resources.  Names marked with an asterisk (*) are direct-line ancestors of descendants of Gilbert Belnap, Adaline Knight, or Henrietta McBride.
* Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899)
Gilbert Belnap's wives
* Adaline Knight (1831-1919)
* Henrietta McBride (1821-1899)
Gilbert Belnap's children by Adaline Knight Gilbert Belnap's children by Henrietta McBride
Gilbert Rosel Belnap (1847-1929) William James Belnap (1853-1932)
John McBride Belnap (1849-1850) Oliver Belnap (1855-1929)
Reuben Belnap (1851-1923) Francis Marion Belnap (1857-1932)
Joseph Belnap (1853-1922) Isadora Estella Belnap (1860-1931)
Martha Jane Belnap (1855-1923)
Hyrum Belnap (1858-1938) Gilbert Belnap's grandchildren
Augustus Weber Belnap (1860-1948) For Gilbert Belnap's grandchildren, click here
Volney Belnap (1862-1862)
Vinson Knight Belnap (1863-1920) Henrietta McBride's other children
Amasa Belnap (1866-1929) Annetta McBride (1851-1852)
Adaline Lorinda Belnap (1868-1934)
Mary Louisa Belnap (1870-1950)
Lola Almira Belnap (1874-1921)
Gilbert Belnap's parents
* Rosel Belnap (1789-1832)
* Jane Richmond (1782-1833)
Gilbert Belnap's siblings (children of Rosel Belnap and Jane Richmond)
Jesse Belnap (1807-1887)
Louisa Belnap (about 1808-1836)
Phoebe Rebeckah Belnap (1812-1888)
John Belnap (1820-1898)
* Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899) (self)
James Cardinell Belnap (1824-1860)
William Belnap (1827-1910)
Thomas Derlin Belnap (1829-1880)
Gilbert Belnap's paternal grandparents
* Jesse Belnap (1760-1854)
* Eunice Hall (1762-1849)
Gilbert Belnap's paternal uncles and aunts (children of Jesse Belnap and Eunice Hall)
David Belnap (1780-1858)
Jesse Belnap (1781-1849)
Eunice Belnap (1784-1841)
Ira Belnap (1785-1878)
Ansel Belnap (1787-1870)
* Rosel Belnap (1789-1832) (Gilbert's father)
Elem Belnap (1791-1813)
Anna Belnap (1792-1810)
Gilbert Belnap (1794-1851)
Sally Belnap (1795-1879)
Polly Belnap (1797-1854)
Laura Belnap (1799-1875)
Betsy Belnap (1800-1801)
Hiram Belnap (1802-1848)
Gilbert Belnap's direct-line Belknap/Beltoft ancestors
* Jesse Belknap (1739-after 1818)
* Samuel Belknap (about 1702-before 1757)
* Ebenezer Belknap (1667-1762)
* Samuel Belknap (chr. 1627/28-1701)
* Abraham Belknap (chr. 1589/90-1643)
* Bennet Beltoft alias Belknap (about 1560-1624)
* Richard Beltoft (about 1520-1599)
* Laurence Beltoft (about 1495-before 1545)
* Richard Beltoft (before 1470-before 1510)
Gilbert Belnap's maternal grandparents
* Sylvester Richmond (1727-1803/04)
* Jane Bowerman (1750-unknown)
Gilbert Belnap's maternal uncles and aunts (children of Sylvester Richmond and Jane Bowerman)
Job Richmond (about 1767-unknown)
Cyrus Richmond (1769-1854)
Abigail Richmond (1770-1825)
Ichabod Richmond (1772-unknown)
Sarah Richmond (1774-unknown)
Phoebe Richmond (1775-1822)
Lydia Richmond (1777-1854)
John Richmond (1780-1841)
* Jane Richmond (1782-1833) (Gilbert's mother)
David Richmond (1785-unknown)
Gilbert Belnap's maternal direct-line Richmond ancestors
* Cyrus Richmond (about 1692/1698-unknown)
* John Richmond (about 1660-before 1740)
* Edward Richmond (about 1632-1696)
* John Richmond (1594-1664)
* Henry Richmond alias Webb (about 1555-unknown)
Adaline Knight's parents Henrietta McBride's parents
* Vinson Knight (1804-1842) * James McBride (1793-1839)
* Martha McBride (1805-1901) * Betsy Mead (1802-1881)
Adaline Knight's siblings Henrietta McBride's siblings
Almira Knight (1827-1912) * Henrietta McBride (1821-1899) (self)
Rizpah Knight (1829-1895) Reuben D. McBride (1822-1883)
* Adaline Knight (1831-1919) (self) Harlum McBride (1824-1901)
James Vinson Knight (1833-1912) George McBride (1826-1858)
Nathaniel Knight (1835-1836) Roxena McBride (1829-1829)
Martha Abigail Knight (1839-1844) James McBride (1830-1899)
Rodolphus Elderkin Knight (1841-1842) Oliver Stephen McBride (1835-1922)
Nathaniel Knight McBride (1840-1858)
Adaline Knight's maternal and Henrietta McBride's paternal grandparents (shared set)
* Daniel McBride (1766-1823)
* Abigail Mead (1770-1854)
Adaline Knight's maternal and Henrietta McBride's paternal uncles and aunts
(children of Daniel McBride and Abigail Mead; shared relatives)
John McBride (1788-1860)
Samuel McBride (1789-1874)
Daniel McBride, Jr. (1791-1864)
* James McBride (1793-1839) (Henrietta's father)
Margaret Ann McBride (1794-1845)
Hyrum McBride (1798-1839)
Cyrus Gideon McBride (1800-1883)
Reuben McBride (1803-1891)
* Martha McBride (1805-1901) (Adaline's mother)
Adaline Knight's and Henrietta McBride's great grandparents (shared sets)
* Samuel McBride (about 1740-before 1789)
* Margaret Brown (about 1744-after 1794)
* Gideon Mead (about 1743-1814)
* Martha Fiske (about 1750-1813)
Adaline Knight's paternal grandparents (not shared with Henrietta McBride)
* Rodolphus Knight (1768-1809)
* Rizpah Lee (1774-1853)
Adaline Knight's paternal uncles
(children of Rodolphus Knight and Rizpah Lee; relatives not shared with Henrietta McBride)
Samuel Lee Knight (1802-1879)
* Vinson Knight (1804-1842)
Austin Knight (1806-1806)
Rodolphus Elderkin Knight (1807-1851)
Henrietta McBride's maternal grandparents (not shared with Adaline Knight)
* Isaac Mead (1768-1839) and Deborah Mead (1770-1864)
Henrietta McBride's maternal uncles and aunts
(children of Isaac Mead and Deborah Mead; second cousins once removed of Adaline Knight)
Sally Mead (1789-1827)
Freelove Mead (1791-1864)
Isaac Mead (1793-1885)
Moses Mead (1794-1795)
Fanny Mead (1796-unknown)
Nancy Mead (1798-1860)
Deborah Mead (1800-1801)
* Betsy Mead (1802-1881)
Stephen Mead (1804-unknown)
Nehemiah Mead (1806-1852)
Deborah Mead (1809-1818)
Newcomb Mead (1811-1865)
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