Included below are links to important resources on the Belknap family in England who were of the gentry or lesser nobility class:
Ancestry Charts
Ancestors of Sir Edward Belknap (about 1471-1521) (through 20 generations) (Ahnentafel format) (as of 29 Jul 2008) http://www.belnapfamily.org/Edward_Belknap_Ancestors.htm  
Descendancy Charts
Descendants of John Belknap (about 1305-after 1367) (through 12 generations) (Register format) (as of 29 Jul 2008) http://www.belnapfamily.org/John_Belknap_Descendants.htm  
Descendants of John Belknap (about 1305-after 1367) (through 12 generations) (Outline format) [TO COME]  
Belknap Individuals (individual links may include information on other family members)
Direct-line ancestry from Edward to John Belknap
Sir Edward Belknap (about 1471-1521)
Sir Henry Belknap (about 1420-1488)
Sir Hamon Belknap (about 1380-1429)
Sir Robert Belknap (about 1330-1401)
John Belknap (about 1305-after 1367)
Other sons of Sir Henry Belknap
Daniel Belknap (unknown-before 1520)
Other sons of Sir Hamon Belknap
John Belknap (unknown-bef 1435) (no known issue)
William Belknap (about 1418-1484/1485) (no known issue)
Philip Belknap (about 1426-1457) (Finche Family)
Other sons of Sir Robert Belknap
Thomas Belknap (unknown-bef 1414)
John Belknap (unknown-before 1414)
Miscellaneous Belknaps (relationship to Sir Robert Belknap uncertain at present)
Johane Belknap (circa 1422)
Thomas Belknap "vintner of London" (circa 1467)
Laurence Belknap (before 1500)
Thomas Belknap "alias Stowres" (circa 1548)
Symon Belknap
Susan Belknap (daughter of Symon)
Later English Belknaps
Married surnames of female Belknaps / Spouse maiden surnames of male Belknaps
Darset Family
Phelipp Family
Stonor Family
Hampden Family
Boteler Family
Beauchamp Family
Sudeley Family
Avenel Family
Kymbell Family
Knollys Family
Ferrers Family
Finche Family
Hende Family
Cooke Family
Wotton Family
Danett Family
Shelley Family
Carryll Family
Boteler Family (2)
Scott Family
Bishop Family
Early Belknap Resources
Goodmansen, Mark. Sir Robert Belknap and Abraham Belknap of Massachusetts: Linking Two Noble Families [TO COME]
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 49, pp. 68-69 (Jan 1895) http://www.belnapfamily.org/NEHGR_1895.pdf  
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