Juliana Belknap (unknown-after 1417): married Robert de Avenel (about 1370-1387)
Gathered here is the most comprehensive public repository of materials on the Avenel family into which a branch of the Belknap family married.
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John Avenel
Calendar of Patent Rolls
Edward III, vol. 3, p. 579 10 Nov 1337 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/e3v3/body/Edward3vol3page0579.pdf  
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Edward III, vol. 10, p. 305 20 Oct 1355 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/e3v10/body/Edward3vol10page0305.pdf  
Edward III, vol. 10, p. 333 6 Dec 1355 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/e3v10/body/Edward3vol10page0333.pdf  
Edward III, vol. 10, p. 346 15 Feb 1356 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/e3v10/body/Edward3vol10page0346.pdf  
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Henry IV, vol. 3, p. 81: Kelling, Salthouse, etc. 17 Oct 1405 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h4v3/body/Henry4vol3page0081.pdf  
Special Collections: Ancient Petitions: Attainder and Properties (UK National Archives)
Petition of Thomas Bradefeld (Bradfield); Isabel Bradfield, wife of Thomas Bradfield, and cousin and heir of Robert Avenell 1391 SC 8/250/12461 http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-250-12461.pdf  
summary http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-250-12461_summary.htm  
Norfolk: Salthouse
Parkham, Charles. "Salthouse." An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk (1808), vol. 9, pp. 429-431 http://books.google.com/books?id=RkwuAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA429&lpg=PA429&dq=robert+de+avenel&source=web&ots=YsChSWlEJ4&sig=wh-zqI3QWutR-Sy6aeZm-5kTN2I  
Hampshire: Crux Easton
"Parish: Crux Easton." A History of the County of Hampshire, Victoria County History (1911), vol. 4, pp. 311-14 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=56817  
Bedfordshire: Little Holwell
"Parishes: Shillington with Lower Stondon and Little Holwell." A History of the County of Bedford, Victoria County History (1908), vol. 2, pp. 293-299 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=62651  
Essex: Chingford
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Cambridgeshire: Landbeach; Wimpole; Toft; Caldecote
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"Parish: Caldecote." A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, Victoria County History, vol. 5 (1973), pp. 16-25 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=66670  
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