Sir Hamon Belknap (about 1380-1429)
Gathered here is the most comprehensive public repository of materials on the life of Sir Hamon Belknap, son of Sir Robert Belknap who served as Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in England during the 14th Century.
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Biographies and Related Materials
Calendar of Patent Rolls: Henry V http://www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/patentrolls/  
CPR, Henry V, vol. 1, p. 263 10 Jul 1414 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h5v1/body/Henry5vol1page0263.pdf  
CPR, Henry V, vol. 2, p. 199 28 Apr 1418 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h5v2/body/Henry5vol2page0199.pdf  
CPR, Henry V, vol. 2, p. 212 5 Mar 1419 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h5v2/body/Henry5vol2page0212.pdf  
Calendar of Patent Rolls: Henry VI http://www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/patentrolls/  
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CPR, Henry VI, vol. 1, p. 302 16 May 1425 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h6v1/body/Henry6vol1page0302.pdf  
CPR, Henry VI, vol. 2, p. 332 16 Feb 1434 http://sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/patentrolls/h6v2/body/Henry6vol2page0332.pdf  
Calendar of Close Rolls: Henry V
CCR, Henry V, vol. __, p. 430: Mentions Thomas Stonore, Hamon Belknap 7 Sep 1417
Calendar of Close Rolls: Henry VI
CCR, Henry VI, vol. 1, p. 42: Mentions Thomas and Alice Stonore, Hamon Belknap 14 Nov 1422 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CCR_Henry_VI_v1_p042.pdf  
CCR, Henry VI, vol. 1, p. 441: Mentions Joan wife of Hamon and son John 8 Jul 1429 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CCR_Henry_VI_v1_p441.pdf  
CCR, Henry VI, vol. __, p. 269: John Belknap, proof of age 6 Dec 1433
CCR, Henry VI, vol. __, p. 315: John, son and heir of Hamon Belknap 29 Jun 1434
Calendar of Fine Rolls: Henry V
CFR, Henry V, vol. __, p. 79: Mentions death of Juliana Belknap; sons Thomas, John, Hamon Belknap 18 Oct 1414
Calendar of Fine Rolls: Henry VI
CFR, Henry VI, vol. 15, p. 236 22 Jan 1429 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CFR_v15_Henry_VI_p235-236.pdf  
CFR, Henry VI, vol. 15, p. 258 16 Feb 1429 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CFR_v15_Henry_VI_p258.pdf  
CFR, Henry VI, vol. 16, p. 33: Hamon Belknap, son John 1 Mar 1431 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CFR_v16_Henry_VI_p033.pdf  
Special Collections: Ancient Petitions (UK National Archives)
Petition of Hamo Bealknap 1414 SC 8/23/1136 http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-23-1136.pdf  
summary http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-23-1136.htm  
Petition of Henry Fouldon and Margaret Fouldon, his wife about 1421 SC 8/24/1167 http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-24-1167.pdf  
summary http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-24-1167.htm  
Petition of Hamo Bealknap (Belknap), son and heir of Robert Bealknap, knight 1425-1426 SC 8/25/1206 http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-25-1206_part_1.pdf  
part 2 http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-25-1206_part_2.pdf  
summary http://www.belnapfamily.org/SC_8-25-1206_summary.htm  
Chancery Records (UK National Archives)
Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C
Conveyance by Thomas Chaucer, John Golafre, and Hamo Belknap, lords of the manor of Ermyngton, to Richard Fortescu and Agnes his wife, in tail, of land [at Ermyngton], between Holecombeslad and the highway leading from Saneford to Prutastoneslond, in consideration of their renouncing a claim of the said Agnes to common in gross in the said manor, on the west side of a ditch called 'la Yalthadych', and releasing all their right in the said manor: Devon.
Note: paper draft
3 Henry VI
C 146/3015
Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Henry VI
Belknap, Hamon, esq: Sussex, Essex, Kent 1428-1429 C 139/39/43
Chancery pleadings in French, addressed to the Lord Chancellor (with no further identification of which Lord Chancellor)
Thomas Chaucer, John Golafre, Hamond Belknap, John Hurlegh, chaplain, John Warfeld, and Thomas Berdelegh. v. Richard, son of John Fortescu, and brother-in-law of John Bosan, the two latter being justices of the peace for Devon.: Forcible entry into the manor and hundred of Ermington.: Devon. 1386-1486 C 1/69/24
Chancery pleadings addressed to the Bishop of Bath and Wells as Lord Chancellor
Joan, late the wife of John Dedham, knt. and sometime the wife of Hamond Bealknap, esq. and John, son of the said Hamond. v. John Ferby, feoffee of the said John Hamond.: Manors of Crockenhill (Crokhornhull) and Kingsnorth (Kyngesnode).: [Kent]. 1432-1443, possibly
C 1/11/497
Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Dean and Chapter Archive, Chartae Antiquae O.  From: Henry V, king of England To: John Pelham, knight ('Chivaler'); Richard Norton'; Thomas Colepeper, knight; William Cheyne; Stephen Bettenham; Robert Oxenbregg; Henry Hoorne; William Marchaund; Hamo Bealknap; John Chydicroft 10 Jul 1414 CCA-DCc-ChAnt/O/107
Great losses have occurred because the sea defences and land drainage between the port of the town ('villa') of Rye and the bridge of Bodiam in the counties of Kent (sic) and Sussex are not properly repaired and maintained. The king, wishing to provide a remedy, assigns them to survey the walls and other defences, to find out by whose fault the losses have occurred and who holds lands, pastures or fisheries there. They are to carry out distraints, amercements and anything else necessary to pay for the repair, renewal and clearing of the sea defences. They are also to appoint wardens ('custos') for the protection of the sea defences, to hear the accounts of the collectors of money for repairing the defences, to distrain for arrears of these collections and to hear and determine any disputes. They are to compel any who resist to repair the defences. Sent patent. The clerk is Preswyk'. Given at Westminster [Middlesex]. Endorsed with description in 18th cent hand. Norris and Alderman Bunce have catalogued this document as relating to 'Odiam'.
Worcestershire Record Office
Hampton (Pakington) of Westwood Park, Droitwich, Worcestershire
Pakington family: Buckinghamshire Property: Aylesbury and District: Grant from Thomas de Stonore, esq., to Thomas Chanter, esq., John Golafre, esq., Hamon Bealknap, esq., and John Warefeld of lands, tenements, rents and appurtenances in Aillesbury [Aylesbury], Walton [near Aylesbury], Stone, Stoke Maundevyle [Stoke Mandeville] and Stoke Hallyng [Halling, all in co. Buckingham]. 5 Aug 1415 705:349/12946/494334
Parliamentary Papers: Calendar of French Rolls
p. 241: Hamo Belknapp 8 Jul 1426 http://books.google.com/books?id=LXgTAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA308&dq=%22john+beleknapp%22&lr=&as_brr=0#PPA241,M1  
p. 261: Letters of attorney to Joan widow of Hamo Bealknap 18 Mar 1428/29 http://books.google.com/books?id=LXgTAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA308&dq=%22john+beleknapp%22&lr=&as_brr=0#PPA261,M1  
Land Holdings
Kent: Crawton Manor
Elton, Charles Isaac. The Tenures of Kent (London, 1867), p. 302 http://books.google.com/books?id=-d8HAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover  
Kent: Kingsnoth (Kingsnode)
Ireland, W. H. England's Topographer, Or, A New and Complete History of the County of Kent, vol. 2 (1829), pp. 385-86 http://books.google.com/books?id=twwHAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA279&dq=Barbodindenne#PPA280,M1  
Devonshire: Ermyngton
Deed C.3105. "Deeds: C.3001 - C.3100," A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, vol. 3 (1900), pp. 318-329 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=64347  
Deed C.2793. "Deeds: C.2701 - C.2800," A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, vol. 2 (1894), pp. 547-560 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=64307  
Buckinghamshire: Beerton
Deed C.3122. "Deeds: C.3101 - C.3200," A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, vol. 3 (1900), pp. 329-340 3 Aug/6 Dec 3 Henry V http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=64348  
Visitation Records
The Visitations of Essex by Hawley, 1552; Hervey, 1558; Cooke, 1570; Raven, 1612; and Owen and Lilly, 1634. To Which are Added Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees from Various Harleian Manuscripts: and an Appendix Containing Berry's Essex Pedigrees, part II, pp. 563-65.  "Cooke" http://www.belnapfamily.org/Visitations_of_Essex_pII.pdf  
Miscellaneous (Unsorted)
Cutter, William Richard & Adams, William Frederick. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts [Google]
Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts [Google]
Luce, Simeon. Chronique du Mont-Saint-Michel (1343-1468), Societe des anciens textes francais, vol. I (1879), pp. 230, 255-56, 261-62, 269-71 http://books.google.com/books?id=7DtcAAAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover  
Grazebrook, Henry Sydney. The Heraldry of Worcestershire, pp. 65-66: "Boteler, Lord Sudeley" http://books.google.com/books?id=8lMBAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover  
Boucher de Molandon, Rémi & de Beaucorps, Adalbert. L'armee anglaise vaincue par Jeanne d'Arc sous les murs d'Orleans, pp. 40-41, 55, 181-82, 216, 247 http://books.google.com/books?id=EAMKAAAAIAAJ&printsec=frontcover  
Morant, P. The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex (1765) vol. 2, p. 599 ("Morant's Essex"): Hamon Belknap, Joan (wife), William Belknap
Howard, Joseph Jackson, ed. Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, vol. 2 (1876), pp. 324-37: "Finch Genealogy" http://www.belnapfamily.org/Miscellanea_Genealogica_et_Heraldica_v2_(1876)_p324-337.pdf  
Joan Boteler (about 1398-before 1473)
John Belknap (unknown-1436/1437)
William Belknap (about 1418-1484/1485)
Sir Henry Belknap (about 1420-1488)
Anne Belknap (about 1422-unknown) (Hallwell Family)
Elizabeth Belknap (about 1424-1471) (Ferrers Family)
Philip Belknap (about 1426-1457) (Finche Family)
Griselda Belknap (unknown-unknown) (Hende Family)
Sir Robert Belknap (about 1330-1401)
Juliana Darset (about 1335-1414)
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Sir Hamon Belknap
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