John Belknap (unknown-before 1435)
Gathered here is the most comprehensive public repository of materials on the life of John Belknap, son of Sir Hamon Belknap and grandson of Sir Robert Belknap who served as Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in England during the 14th Century.
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Biographies and Related Materials
Howard, Joseph Jackson, ed. Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, vol. 2 (1876), pp. 324-37: "Finch Genealogy" http://www.belnapfamily.org/Miscellanea_Genealogica_et_Heraldica_v2_(1876)_p324-337.pdf  
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Calendar of Close Rolls: Henry VI
CCR, Henry VI, vol. 1, p. 441: Mentions Joan wife of Hamon and son John 8 Jul 1429 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CCR_Henry_VI_v1_p441.pdf  
CCR, Henry VI, vol. __, p. 269: Proof of age 6 Dec 1433
CCR, Henry VI, vol. __, p. 315: John, son and heir of Hamon Belknap 29 Jun 1434
CCR, Henry VI, vol. __, p. 86; John, William, Henry, Philip Belknap 31 Dec 1436
Calendar of Fine Rolls: Henry VI
CFR, Henry VI, vol. 16, p. 33: Hamon Belknap, son John 1 Mar 1431 http://www.belnapfamily.org/CFR_v16_Henry_VI_p033.pdf  
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Chancery Records (UK National Archives)
Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Henry VI
Belknap, John.: Kent  (Note: See also: Close Roll 15 Hen VI, mem 11 missing) 15 Henry VI C 139/84/71b
Bealknap, John. Proof of age: London 1433-1434 C 139/67/55
Bealknap, John, esq: Kent 1436-1437 C 139/81/33
Records of the Keeper of the Privy Seal
Privy Seal Office: Signet and other Warrants for the Privy Seal, Series I: William, brother and heir of John Bealknap 13 Dec 1436 PSO 1/62/52 http://www.belnapfamily.org/PSO_1-62-52a.jpg  
transcription [TO COME]
Parliamentary Papers: Calendar of French Rolls: Annual Rep of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records
p. 307: John Beleknapp 2 Dec 1435 http://books.google.com/books?id=LXgTAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA308&dq=%22john+beleknapp%22&lr=&as_brr=0#PPA307,M1  
p. 308: John Beleknapp 10 Dec 1435 http://books.google.com/books?id=LXgTAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA308&dq=%22john+beleknapp%22&lr=&as_brr=0#PPA308,M1  
Land Holdings
Kent: Barbinden or Barbodindenne
Ireland, W. H. England's Topographer, Or, A New and Complete History of the County of Kent, vol. 2 (1829), pp. 279-80 http://books.google.com/books?id=twwHAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA279&dq=Barbodindenne#PPA280,M1  
Early Henhams from Saxon to Tudor http://gbpltd.co.uk/kingfamilytree/toppage21.htm  
Chancery Records (UK National Archives)
Chancery pleadings addressed to the Bishop of Bath and Wells as Lord Chancellor
Joan, late the wife of John Dedham, knt. and sometime the wife of Hamond Bealknap, esq. and John, son of the said Hamond. v. John Ferby, feoffee of the said John Hamond.: Manors of Crockenhill (Crokhornhull) and Kingsnorth (Kyngesnode).: [Kent]. 1432-1443, possibly
C 1/11/497
GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives:John Belknap; Thomas Belwood; Sir John Browne http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/1998-07/0900981123  
Sir Hamon Belknap (about 1380-1429)
Joan Boteler (about 1398-before 1473)
Photographs and Images
John Belknap
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