Henry Fouldon and Margaret Fouldon, his wife


Fouldon; Fouldon, Henry; Margaret


King and lords of parliament

Nature of request:

Henry Fouldon and Margaret his wife state that at the last parliament at Westminster it was ordained and established that an assize mentioned in a petition submitted by them would remain in force, despite some discrepancies in the wording, and in the spelling of the justices' names; however, the wording of this ordinance has proved obscure and open to argument, and they ask that it may be clarified, and clearly stated so as to apply to the examples in their case, in order that it may take effect.

Nature of endorsement:


Places mentioned:

Alshampton or Alfhampton (Alphamstone), [Essex]; Brethenham or Bethenham [unidentified]

People mentioned:

Robert Bealknap (Belknap), justice; Thomas Lodelowe (Ludlow), justice

Date derivation:

This petition is edited in Rot. Parl. vol. IV p.159a (no.3) as being from 9 Henry V (21 March 1421 - 20 March 1422). A note on the dorse says 'Prob. May 1421, cf. preced.'



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SC 8/24/1167


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