Hamo Bealknap (Belknap), son and heir of Robert Bealknap, knight


Bealknap (Belknap), Hamo



Nature of request:

Bealknap states that his father, Holt and de Burgh in parliament at Westminster, 9 Richard II forfeited their estates and were imprisioned and exiled because it was alleged that they assented to certain questions, which they did not and were loyal lieges of the king. Holt and de Burgh recovered their lands and tenements at parliament held in 2 Hen. IV by descent of their ancestors not withstanding the judgement and statute made to the contrary. However although it was granted to Bealknap by Henry V at the parliament held in his ninth year that he could demand by descent of his ancestors, the lands forfeited by his father were excluded from this. Bealknap states that his father's forfeiture was no different from that of Holt and de Burgh, and they were restored, except that at that time his father died, and he was of an age that he was unable to pursue to have remedy. Upon this it was advised by parliament that he should be restored, and he requests that the council treat and make fine with those to whom Richard II granted the lands to and their heirs and assigns, and the lands be restored to him and his heirs by discretion of the council.

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People mentioned:

Robert Bealknap (Belknap), knight, father of the petitioner; John Holt; William de Burgh; Richard II, King of England; Henry IV, King of England; Henry V, King of England; [Thomas Beaufort], Duke of Exeter.

Date derivation:

Dated by the heading in Rot. Parl. IV, p.309 where it is noted that the petition comes from 4 Hen. VI, so making this a petition of 1425-6.



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