Thomas Bradefeld (Bradfield); Isabel Bradfield, wife of Thomas Bradfield, and cousin and heir of Robert Avenell.


Bradefeld (Bradfield); Bradfield, Thomas; Isabel



Nature of request:

Thomas and Isabel Bradefeld request remedy because she is the rightful heir of Robert Avenell. Edmund Avenell held the manor of Crux Easton with the advowson of its church of the gift of John Avenell, and when Edmund died without heir male the manor and advowson descended to Robert Avenell, John's son and heir who was then six years of age, and because the manor and advowson were held of the manor of Shute which was in the King's hand because of the minority of John son of John de Lisle, the manor and advowson were also seized into the King's hand. Edmund also held a messuage and land in Gamlingay by the gift of William Avenell, which lands also descended to Robert upon Edmund's death. The bishop of Lincoln occupied these lands and for 40 paid in Chancery had letters patent of Robert's marriage with the keeping of the manor of Crux Eaton and its advowson during the Robert's minority which he then granted to Belknap along with the lands in Gamlingay, all of which were seized into the King's hand by Belknap's conviction and forfeiture.

Nature of endorsement:


Places mentioned:

Hampshire; Crux Easton, [Hampshire]; Shute, [Devon]; Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire; Lincoln, [Lincolnshire].

People mentioned:

Robert Avenell; Edmund Avenell, knight; John Avenell, father of Robert Avenell; John [de Lisle], son of John de Lisle; John de Lisle; William Avenell; [John Buckingham], Bishop of Lincoln; Robert Bealknapp (Belknap), knight.

Date derivation:

Dated on the guard to 1391, with reference to CPR 1388-92, pp. 443-4, commissions to enquire and certify in accordance with this petition. This is also the date of the Chancery warrant with which it was formerly enclosed (C 81/522 no.6968).



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