Beginning with its first publication in 1950, the Belnap Family Organization has produced a substantial amount of material highlighting the history and genealogy of Gilbert Belnap and his wives, Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride.  Much of this information is now available here for the first time in digitized format.
Click on the links below to learn more about these Belnap Family Organization publications:
"Belnap Family Crier"
Heritage With Honor: Genealogy and History of the Ancestry and Descendants of Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899) 
Centennial History in Honor of Utah Pioneer Gilbert Belnap, 1850-1950 
~ 1952 Supplement to Centennial Issue of 1950 in Honor of Gilbert Belnap, Utah Pioneer
~ 1956 Supplement to Centennial Issue of 1950 in Honor of Gilbert Belnap, Utah Pioneer
A Belnap Family Guide to Weber County, Utah, 1992
John McBride Belnap Memorial Program, April 1997
Belnap Family Organization Calendars
"Genealogy Packet" (a large collection of pedigree charts and family group sheets prepared by the Belnap Family Organization; copies of the original version were filed with various Family History Libraries in Utah and Idaho; information has been superseded and in many instances is out of date or obsolete)
In addition to "official" Belnap Family Organization materials, other family history publications have been prepared by, on behalf of, or concerngin individual family branches.  These publications include:
Hill, Les L., comp. Reuben Belnap Descendants
Stout, Wayne D. Genealogy of the Sagers, Fisk and Stout Families
Martha Jane
Greenwell, Betsy Robena H., comp. Early Utah Pioneers: Levi Hammon and Polly Chapman Bybee (1964)
Hammon, Donald L., comp. Levi Byram and Martha Jane Belnap Hammon: Gold Medal Pioneers (1996)
Stoker, Jimmie "B". "Get Out of Life What You Can"--Jesse and Lettie Matilda Hammon Stoker: Their Family of Roy Utah (1874-1975) (2001)
Stoker, Jimmie "B", ed. Striving Diligently: Ethel Elizabeth Blanch Stoker Memoirs (2004)
William James
Branches Over the Wall: A History of Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Heath Watts and Some of Their Ancestors and Descendants
Francis Marion
Belnap, Max G., comp. Descendants of Francis Marion and Lillis Subina Robinson Belnap
Oscarson, Roy W. & W. Dean Belnap, comps. The Oscarson Families: Genealogy and History of the Ancestry and Descendants of Two Brothers: Gustaf Emil Oscarson (1862-1949) and Theodore Hjalmar Oscarson (1872- 1954)
Jacobson, Alice Belnap, comp. Life History of Oliver Belnap (private printing)
Many other works have been written by descendants of Gilbert Belnap on various subjects.  Click on the link below to learn more about these publications by family members:
Publications by Gilbert Belnap's Descendants
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