Martin Harris (1783-1875)
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Biographies and Related Materials
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Biographical Materials (Web)
Saints Without Halos: Martin Harris Martin Harris  
About Mormons: Martin Harris  
Mormon Fortress: Martin Harris  
Wikipedia: Martin Harris  
FAIR: Book of Mormon Witnesses, Part 3: Martin Harris  
Christiansen, Larry D. "Martin Harris: His Last Years and His Burial Site from Mound to Memorials"  
Book of Abraham Project: Martin Harris His Life, Character and Testimony Excerpts from Multiple Sources  
Newspaper Articles (Titles)
Life of Joseph Smith 7 Aug 1852 Deseret News  
Local and Other Matters--Kirtland, Ohio 24 Aug 1870 Deseret News,_Ohio.pdf  
Martin Harris--One of the Witnesses of the Book of Mormon 7 Sep 1870 Deseret News  
Local and Other Matters--Party at the Social Hall 19 Oct 1870 Deseret News  
Martin Harris 28 Jul 1875 Deseret News  
Census Records
1810 U.S. Federal Census, Palmyra, Ontario, NY 1810  
1820 U.S. Federal Census, Palmyra, Ontario, NY 1820  
1830 U.S. Federal Census, Palmyra, Wayne, NY 1830  
1840 U.S. Federal Census, Rutland, Lake, OH 1840  
1850 U.S. Federal Census, Kirtland, Lake, OH 17 Oct 1850  
1860 U.S. Federal Census, Kirtland, Lake, OH 30 Jun 1860  
1870 U.S. Federal Census, Kirtland, Lake, OH 1 Jun 1870  
Land Records
LDS Places to Visit: Martin Harris Farm,10634,1814-1-1-1,00.html Martin Harris Farm  
Photographs and Images
Martin Harris (engraving) n.d.  
Martin Harris (engraving) n.d.  
Martin Harris, about age 87 about 1870  
Martin Harris  
Martin Harris Farm, Palmyra, NY 2006  
Martin Harris Farm Sign, Palmyra, NY 2006  
Headstone: Clarkston, UT Cemetery: Martin Harris [TO COME]
Three Witnesses Monument, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT Jul 2007  
Three Witnesses Monument, close-up of Martin Harris relief image, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT Jul 2007  
Professor Charles Anthon, Columbia College
Charles Anthon Materials [TO COME]
Martin Harris Pageant, Clarkston, UT
Clarkston Pageant—Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew,10634,1784-1-1-1,00.html  
Lucy Harris (1792-1836)
Caroline Young (1816-1888)
through Lucy Harris
Duty L. Harris (1812-1815)
George W. Harris (about 1814-1864)
Lucy Harris (about 1816-about 1841)
through Caroline Young
Martin Harris, Jr. (1838-1913)
Caroline Harris (1840-unknown)
Julia Lacothia Harris (1842-1869)
John Wheeler Harris (1845-1916)
Sarah Harris (1849-unknown)
Solomon Webster Harris (1854-1919)
Ida May Harris (1856-1918)
Nathan Harris (1758-1835)
Rhoda Lapham (1759-1849)
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