Included below are links to important resources on the shared Mead ancestry of Gilbert Belnap's wives, Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride:
Mead Family Genealogical Data
Dotson, Flora Belnap. "Analysis of the Pedigree of James McBride and Betsy Mead, My Great Grandparents"  
Belnap, Flora, comp. Pioneer Incidents of Rev. Daniel McBride and Abigail Mead-McBride and Their Children of Utah, Michigan and New York (1952)    
Mead Family Relationship Summary Chart  
Mead Individuals (individual links may include information on other family members)
Betsy Mead (1802-1881)
Abigail Mead (1770-1854)
Gideon Mead (about 1743-1814)
Mead Family Publications
Firestone, Eva Mead. Mead Family (John Mead, Revolutionary War soldier)  
Mead, Spencer P. History and Genealogy of the Mead Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Eastern New York, Western Vermont, and Western Pennsylvania From A.D. 1180 to 1900 (1901)  
Weaver, Lucius E. A Branch of the Mead Family (1917)
Mead, Spencer P. Ye Historie of Ye Town of Greenwich County of Fairfield and State of Connecticut  
Mead, Daniel M. History of the Town of Greenwich, Fairfield County, Conn., With Many Important Statistics (1857)  
Rixford, Elizabeth M. Leach. Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service: Their Part in Making American History From 495 to 1934 (1934), pp. 209-212  
Milliken, Charles F. A History of Ontario County, New York and Its People, vol. II (1911), pp. 404-06  
Cutter, William Richard, comp. New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial, vol. 1 (1913), pp. 32-33: Mead  
Mead Family Internet Links
History and Genealogy of the Mead Family  
Historic Mead Family Burying Grounds Association  
Darius Mead Family  
RootsWeb: Mead  
Mead Family  
Mead Family  
Fairfield County, Connecticut Links
American Local History Network: Fairfield County, CT  
USGenWeb: Fairfield County, CT  
Greenwich, CT Vital Records 1640-1848  
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