Included below are links to important resources on the McBride ancestry of Henrietta McBride and Adaline Knight, wives of Gilbert Belnap:
McBride Family Research Materials/Publications
Christiansen, Gerald Lowell. "Descendancy Report on Samuel and John McBride" (2004)  
Christiansen, Gerald Lowell. "Research Notes: Samuel and Margaret Brown McBride of Stillwater Township, Saratoga County, State of New York" (11 Jul 2007)  
Dotson, Flora Belnap. "Analysis of the Pedigree of James McBride and Betsy Mead, My Great Grandparents"  
Martha Knight Collection Register, 1871-1875  
Belnap, Flora, comp. Pioneer Incidents of Rev. Daniel McBride and Abigail Mead-McBride and Their Children of Utah, Michigan and New York (1952)    
McBride, Virginia, comp. & ed. Charles R. McBride Memorial: Notes on the Ancestry and Descendants of Charles R. McBride, 1856-1948, and His Wife Rhoda Alice Lyman McBride, 1859-1942 (1971)    
McBride Family Researchers
Gerald Lowell (Gary) Christiansen
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