Included below are links to important resources on the McBride ancestry of Henrietta McBride and Adaline Knight, wives of Gilbert Belnap (Henrietta and Adaline were first cousins with common McBride ancestry; over one-half of their extended ancestry is shared through the McBride and Mead families):
McBride Family Genealogical Data
Ancestors of Henrietta McBride (1821-1899) (Ahnentafel format) (as of 10 Jan 2008)  
Descendants of [Mr.] McBride (Register format) (as of 29 Jul 2008)  
McBride Individuals (individual links may include information on other family members)
Henrietta McBride (1821-1899)
Martha McBride (1805-1901)
James McBride (1793-1839)
Harlum McBride (1824-1901)
George McBride (1826-1858)
James McBride (1830-1899)
Oliver Stephen McBride (1835-1922)
Daniel McBride (1766-1823)
John McBride (1788-1860)
Samuel McBride (1789-1874)
Daniel McBride, Jr. (1791-1864)
Margaret Ann McBride (1794-1845)
Hyrum McBride (1798-1839)
Cyrus Gideon McBride (1800-1883)
Reuben McBride (1803-1891)
Samuel McBride (about 1740-before 1789)
Last update: 29 Jul 2008
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