Home of Penni Johnson Sumsion and nearby park, Sandy, UT  6-7 August 2004
Reunion Report
E-mail report from Brent J. Belnap, 6 Dec 2004:
Dear All:
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard planning our 20th-anniversary study abroad reunion held in August!  I hesitate to mention names of all who were involved, in case I accidentally leave someone out.  Simply know, for the many who came, that "a great time was had by all" (including by spouses and children)!  Thank you for all you did.
FYI, over half of the original student participants came to one of two reunion events:  The "adults only" Middle Eastern dinner (complete with pita bread, chocolate sandwiches, Jordanian almonds, etc.) and great slide show on Friday, August 6, and the afternoon picnic in the park on Saturday, August 7, for families.  For those who came on Friday but not Saturday, you missed a mean and well-played round of elbow/fag tag.  Seeing everyone running around having a great time brought back wonderful, priceless memories of late-night chases on the grass at Ramat Rachel, Kare Deshe, Afikim, etc., etc., etc.  Who knew so many "40-ish-somethings" could still run so fast and even show the rising generation a thing or two about how to have fun?
Those who came to one or both events (not including spouses and/or children) included:  Andrea Adams Moesser, Lisa Barker Emery, Brent Belnap, Teresa Blauer Latta, Bill Boyle, Kim Brown Welling, Robin Davies Thornell, Kaye Davis & Kimo Eslin, Allison Foote Carter, Kevin Ganschow, Loriann Garff Taylor, Chris Hainsworth, Heidi Hales Staheli, Theresa Hannon Coulam, Heidi Hill Neuffer, Angie Holdaway Denison, Carolyn Hollberg Bringhurst, Penni Johnson Sumsion, Genine Pack Smith, Debbie Reynolds Fullmer, Gary Richins, Linda Richins Nef, Paul Richins, Wendy Simmons Johnson, Christine Smith Jensen, Paula Sonntag Taylor, Misty Sundgren Galbraith, Boyd Tingey, Allan Vance, Nena Walker Slighting, Paul Wangemann, Tracey Warner Tonks, and Holt Zaugg.  (I hope I didn't miss anyone.)
Our guests of honor included David and Frieda Galbraith, James and Betty Harris, and Alden and Dorothy Richins, with a special phone call from D. Kelly Ogden who was unable to attend in person.  Many others who couldn't be there called or e-mailed to say they wish they could come. . . .
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