Below are reports that appeared in the original memory book, Israel '84:
If there was any doubt as to the success of Young Adults this semester, Allan Vance, with one savage tan imitation, alleviated all concerns.  The activities that we had were wild, wooley, and fattening.
We had a bevy of Jewish culture movies with "Exodus," "The Ten Commandments," "Fiddler On The Roof," "The Story of Ruth" (the nice biblical one), "The Chosen," and "A Lion In The Desert."  We threw in "Man From Snowy River" and "The Sound of Music" to retain some balance.  Chris Hainsworth and Linda Richins competed to see who could pop the most popcorn.  The winners were the popcorn salesmen in the Old City and those who "judged" the contest.
At the start of the semester, we got to know each other in a "unique" way.  Each of the Family Home Evening groups presented skits.  Kimo Esplin demonstrated his feelings for chocolate sandwiches, Craig Bennett did his famous DKO imitation, and Joann Richardson showed us what a great Sunday School teacher she will be.  We saw what Kristy Hansen and Nena Walker are like at home, and we were made aware of our blessings that Holt Zaugg is not a female.  Afterwards we had pita bread, butter, and honey.
On one cold Friday night we stayed in and had a charades tournament.  Kevan Kjar's group narrowly defeated Mark Lybbert's in the final.  Banana splits were for dessert.
Another activity that we had was the Purim party.  This Israeli version of Halloween was celebrated with a costume party.  We were visited by pigs-in-space, Boy(d) Scouts, Moses and his two tablets, Bedouins, Mrs. Ganschow, and two or three Molly Mormon pregnant mothers with their own team of doctors.  Who will ever forget when Chris Jensen lost playing musical chairs?
When the London and Vienna groups visited, we gave them an evening never to be forgotten.  Chris Petersen, Jeanee Seljestad, Loriann Garff, and Debbie Reynolds saw to that by being stars of the Newly-Met Game.  Different members of the groups were called up and put together.  They were to answer questions put to them.  Allan Vance, Penni Johnson, and Boyd Tingey all represented our group.  Allan totally swept his date off her feet, Penni did the same, but Boyd stood up for all true and right Boy Scout principles.  Afterwards we had a dance.  Even Heather and Bishara showed up.
One evening we spent outside playing games.  Volleyball and fag tag all warmed us up for a game of kissing rugby.  Even Sister Richins had to stop and laugh when Nena Walker and Kimo Esplin got mixed up, and, in their great desire to win the game, caught each other.
The gala event of the semester was the Hawaiian Luau.  Loriann Garff and Kevan Kjar put in long hours to prepare the program.  It was great with visits by hula girls, Tongans, a Samoan, a Fijian, a coordinated factory worker, the Muppets, and even Michael Jackson.  Ice cream with tons of fruit poured over the top was the appetizer for the feast that Allan Vance provided.  Move over Coppertone!  Thanks go to Chris Jensen for procuring the genuine palm fronds (and we thought the American Embassy only sold food).  A dance followed.
We had a very interesting evening when Ya'acov Eliav spoke to us.  He told us of his escapades robbing banks, bombing terrorists, being a terrorist, escaping from prison, and he even taught us how to make letter bombs.  Didn't we ever fool our families who thought we were over here just studying the gospel!  Right or wrong, truthful or not, Mr. Eliav was very entertaining.
Young Adult activities were great fun, and they seemed to come when we needed a good time most.  Whether it was a Bahbah quiz, tests, or confusing readings that put a damper on our days, the activities all helped us let go for awhile.
YOUNG ADULTS COMMITTEE SURVEY QUESTIONS and RESULTS (asked at the end of our program)
1 How many pictures have you taken?
Our group took 30,456 pictures.  At 33 cents a picture to buy and develop, we spent over $10,000.00 on film.  Girls took more pictures than guys.  B.Y.U. students averaged 470 pictures, while U. of U. students averaged only 357.
2 What was the most unforgetable moment of the trip?
The Luxor Train Station was the most unforgettable moment of the trip, followed closely by Allan Vance, the Man of Romance, and his savage tan.
3 Do you like chocolate sandwiches?
Fifty-six percent liked chocolate sandwiches.  The majority of those who gained weight liked them, while the majority of those who lost weight didn't.  Eighty percent of those who didn't gain or lose weight liked the sandwiches.  Of those who lost their boy/girlfriend, 70% turned their affections to chocolate sandwiches.
4 How much weight have you gained?
Thirty-nine people gained weight; seven lost.  Overall, the boys lost 2 pounds, while the girls gained 210.  Thirty percent of B.Y.U. students didn't gain or lose a pound; only one U. of U. student didn't gain or lose.  Those U. of U. students who lost averaged 12 pounds, while those who gained averaged 11 pounds of new skin.  B.Y.U. girls averaged a gain of 3.7 pounds, and U. of U. girls 6.  Seventeen people gained over 10 pounds; sixteen of these claimed a boy/girlfriend.
5 What has been stolen from you?
One hundred twenty-seven things were stolen from us, including forty pair of underwear and one blue sock.
6 Who is right, the Israelis or the Arabs?
Fifty percent said Israelis are right, 33% said Arabs, and 17% said neither.  The U. of U. is pro-Israeli compared to B.Y.U.
7 Where are you going after we return?
Thirty-two are going to B.Y.U., 15 to the U. of U., and one to Viewmont High School.
8 Did you have a boy/girlfriend when we left?  If so, did your heart grow fonder or wander?
Thirty-seven claimed a boy/girlfriend.  Of those, 20 endured and 15 didn't.  Twenty-seven didn't leave the U.S. tied down.  Twenty percent of the guys who had girlfriends still do, while 66% of the girls who had boyfriends still do.
9 How many mosquito bites did you get in the Galilee?
Mosquitos bit us 2,088 times in the Galilee.  If they worked for the Red Cross, they gathered 3.7 pints of blood.  The boys averaged 5 bites apiece, while the girls averaged 26.  Those who kept their boy/girlfriend averaged 18 bites apiece.  Those who lost their boy/girlfriend are still attractive to someone, as they averaged 44 bites apiece.  Those who didn't gain any weight averaged 11 bites apiece.  Those who gained 0-10 pounds were bitten 22 times.  Those who gained over 10 pounds averaged 39 bites apiece.
10 How many bus passes did you go through?
We averaged three bus passes apiece--219 total--spending around $766.00, plus whatever well-deserved money the Arab bus system received from us.
Today we went to town.  We stopped at Cookie King first—then had pizza.  We found an excellent caramel ball place next to the pastry shop.
We started out for the Old City after pancakes at Holland House!  We had walnut today!  It's best out of peach, strawberry, cherry, and chocolate (but the ice cream waffles at Eilat come close, too).
We had a panic in the Old City.  Got new "Jesus sandals" for 2100 shekels!  Also got all the T-shirts for my family ("for a good price").  We were starving so we went to the Green Door for these "Egg McMuffin" things.  The Arabs were wild today (it must be Ramadan).  Drive you nuts--"hallo"--"yes please"--"hi, sweetheart," etc.  Total drag.  The begging Bedouins are so sad--but quite aggressive.  If you lean out to give them some money, they grab ya!
We bargained for our nativities from $100 each to two for 95 fetchers.  Good deal, eh?  Got a good package of wafers and pomellows to hold us over.  Also got a box of Bazooka for way cheap!  We got offered a job for $50 a day.  Wonder if he was serious?  Almost bought a sheep, too.  They are so little and fuzzy and cute and only $100.  We had to race out and get more money changed at Aladdin's.  He gave us fresh "lemone."
We stopped at the corner store for Tami and Egosi bars and Sprite--then we checked the mail!  Five letters for 75 people!  Fetch!  I will never forget the sights and smells of the Old City.  It's so neat.  I love the walls especially.  I will miss it.  It's beautiful.
We walked back up Ben Yehuda and had more cookies.  We found a place with great soft ice cream.  Yum.  But I feel way sick now.  We thought we should eat something good for us, so we had falafels.  (Oh, the new hamburger place is pretty good--but not like Burger King!)
Got some fruit at the open air for our diets.  We've got to get this extra weight off, but this craving for sweets is outrageous.  We just popped some popcorn, but we left the butter off, but now the salt doesn't stick, so we tried to sprinkle water on it--and it got soggy.
I hope they have scrambled eggs for breakfast again soon.  I sure miss homecooked meals.
Has the highlight of your experience been
a. the pasta pellets, mystery eggplant, and frozen white mess for dinner every night?
b. Kristy Hansen's and Carolyn Hollberg's 1-1/2 back summies in the nude?
c. visiting that genuine, authentic, true-to-life, dyed-in-the-wool Bedouin camp with plate glass windows in the living room and nearby souvenir shop?
Which of all our illustrious tour guides have you enjoyed the most?
a. Ali Baba and his 300 decibal monologue of Egypt and the perfume shops.
b. Naim and his mystical Liahona stones in Jordan.
c. Haws "Mario Andretti" Marble and his version of "see the Holy Land in 45 minutes."
Was your most lasting memory of Jordan/Egypt
a. getting pinched by the horse guides as they "helped" you off your horse?
b. watching Jeanee Seljestad recreate the parting of the Red Sea when she unscrewed the valve on the toilet at the Ambassador Hotel?
c. the fabulous assortment of hairs of all lengths, textures, and colors pulled from our dinners?
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