JERUSALEM STUDY ABROADJanuary 1984 - June 1984: DO YOU REMEMBER . . . ?
Below are just some "memory triggers" for Winter Semester 1984 Jerusalem Study Abroad participants:
The Holy City
our first view of Jerusalem
Jerusalem sunsets
the solitude within the Garden Tomb
meat shops in the Old City
the cold feel of the Western Wall
Zion Square at Jaffa and Ben Yehuda
prayers stuffed in the cracks of the Western Wall
wading through Hezekiah's Tunnel in the dark
standing inside the Dome of the Rock
Wilson's Arch and Robinson's Arch
the Rockefeller Museum
King George Street
hitting heads with plastic hammers on Independence Day
people carrying loads on their heads
brass shops in the Old City
cream-colored limestone buildings
covered alleyways of the Old City
walking along the Cardo
looking down into the Pool of Bethesda
the Arab Post Office
Arab Bus #22 (green or blue)
Bus #7 (red)
Steimatzky's Bookstore
the three towers on the Mount of Olives
Marc Chagall's windows
the King David Hotel
ancient olive trees near the Church of All Nations
ceramic shops in the Old City
the Orson Hyde Memorial Garden
blue, yellow, green, and white tiles on the Dome of the Rock
the Big M and Supersol stores
the threshing floor cupola on the Temple Mount
tin roofs and T.V. antennas
Mormon House
Montefiore's Windmill
four quarters of the Old City
eight gates of the Old City:Jaffa, New, Damascus, Herod's, St. Stephen's/Lions, Golden, Dung, Zion
fourteen stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa
the City of David
David's Tomb
David's Tower/the Citadel
trips to the open air (Jewish) market
Salah ed Din Street
walking atop Jerusalem's walls with its loopholes and ramparts
the Isaiah scroll inside the Shrine of the Book
blue and white crosswalk signs
Old City Arabs wearing white knit hats
Friday mornings at the Sheep Market
Hebrew University
sitting on the steps watching people pass through Damascus Gate
the eternal flame at Yad Vashem
Jerusalem's walls lit up at night
the Arab Bus Station next to Golgotha
the Sound and Light Show in Jerusalem
oil lamps inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
the list of sights to check off in Jerusalem
changing money at Aladdin's
"We Make Names--Arabic, English, Hebrew"
The Holy Land
ancient stone-terraced hillsides
terra rosa
wildflowers in springtime
sabra cactus
Herodian stones
ancient mosaics
ruins, potsherds, tells, Solomonic gates, and casemate walls
acacia trees
fields of ripening wheat
gnarled olive trees
stone towers
almond blossoms
the salty taste of the Med, Dead, and Red Seas
Crusader archways
candles, incense, oil lamps, icons, and vestments
Copts, Ethiopians, Franciscans, Greek Orthodox, and Armenians
churches, monasteries, mosques, and synagogues
the Shephelah
the view across the Judean Wilderness toward Jordan
The People and Personalities
Angie's laugh
Debbie's quizzes on group trivia
Tracey's skirts
the Bennetts: "Three's a crowd."
Captain Marble
aerobics with Heather
Paul R.: "Itís too good!"
Brother Richins: "Kevin Gans-cow"
Sister Richins: "Honey!"
haircuts by Sheri and Robyn
Chris J.ís trips to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv
Kristy: "Who would dare attack me in my room?"
Bill's favorite song: "I Have Two Little Hands"
Misty's "Warm Fuzzies, Cold Pricklies" sermon
Connie's, Robyn's, and Paula's hurt ankles
Paul W.: "Class is for people who still have something to learn."
Shekel Johnson
choir practice with Robin and Misty
wedding shots for Jerry and Robin
our nurses: Allison, Carolyn L., Teresa, and Connie
Paul R.'s Toast Letter
Steve Wilcox
Cynthia's size 12 shoe
Kimo's altered underwear
Loriann's and Jeanee's burps and bubbles
Kevan K.'s typewriter
Misty: "I have a scripture on that."
"We love Paula, yes we do; we love Paula, how 'bout you!?"
"Hoser" Zaugg
Heidi Hill's smile
Boyd's smile
Kevin G.'s rugged beard
Boyd: "How do you like my mustache?"
Debbie's claustrophobia inside the Great Pyramid
Theresa H.: "I just love DKO. I miss him soooo much!"
Gary's dead rat
Brother Harris: "And over here we have an ankh symbol . . ."
Debbie's and Linda's polka dot pyramid bras (scary!)
Michelle: "I decided yesterday I would come to Israel."
Chris J.'s bare feet
Craig's birthday every Thursday
Cynthia and Lisa singing and singing and singing
Becky: "I hate cats"--cats, cats, and more cats
Jeri Cash alias Traveler's Check, Small Change, Money Order, etc.
Carrie's care packages
Kaye: "hands up, chigga-chigga, a chigga-chigga"
Lybbert Farms
Pres. Galbraith: "Are ya happy?"
Carolyn H.: "Gary, I love you just the way you are."
Allan: "I did it for my savage fans."
Melissa's curls
Ann: "Okay, who's got my Jane Fonda tape?"
Stan: "I want a hug."
Brother and Sister Ogden's new boy Joseph
DKO and his guitar
Oscar, Moshe, and David ("Daw-veed") from India
our large assortment of Marks and Daves
members of the Jerusalem Branch
brown-eyed children at the Orphanage
Roger, Ed, Sue, and Amy
Ralph the Dog
Some Common, Unique, or Funny Phrases
"And out the bus window at eleven o'clock we have . . ."
"dang it!"
"My friend, for you I make very good deal."
"No price for looking."
"don't be scared"
"Moses, Moses"
"kay, thanks"
Ya'acov Eliav: "You will all make good terrorists for Israel."
"'scuse me please"
"yes please"
"Want to cash a check? Tell them you're a Mormon."
"Forty postcards for one dollah!"
"You Mormon?"
"Special price--100% discount."
"Special deal--two for dollah!"
"for reals"
"hey honey"
"way fun!" "way bad!" "way scary!"
"no way!"
"I'm lovin' it!"
"I don't do ____."
"not even!"
Dr. Landau: "Are all Americans this ignorant?"
"Who made the soup? Me and seven Israelis."
"Near, Near At Hand On Judea's Hills"
Hebrew Words and Phrases
"toda rabba"
Arabic Words and Phrases
"yella" ("shake a leg")
Foods/Eating Places
The Green Door
the Jerusalem Branch Scouts' strawberry pancakes
chocolate, cheese, jam, meat, and peanut butter sandwiches
Cookie King
toast for breakfast, except on Shabbat
caramel balls with powdered sugar
low-cal meals at Kare Deshe and veritable feasts at Afikim
midnight fondue made from cake mixes
matzah bread with chocolate or butter
Jaffa oranges
Haman's ears
Rimini pizza
midnight popcorn feasts
soup in all its variety
Jordan almonds
the cold water from Jacob's Well
New York Bagel Shop and Holland House
Arab pastries
second helpings of greasy French fries
the taste of pita bread
the best ice-cold lemonade at Aladdin's
Egypt: "Only eat what DKO eats!"
Ramat Rachel
late-night talks in our rooms or out under the stars
clinking glasses at dinner to make an announcement
singing "God Be With You" to Michael
tourists with floppy hats arriving for lunch at Ramat Rachel
telephone tokens
Dome of the Pool
rafts of mail
finding enough clothespins to hang up laundry
washing clothes in the shower
birds chirping in the palm trees at sunrise
a skinny mattress, two short sheets, one pillow, and two blankets
absconding necessary "supplies" from the cafeteria
freezing in the "Upper Room"
the statue of Rachel
blue plates and red plates
the view of Bethlehem from Ramat Rachel
"Man (woman) on the floor!!"
squeegies instead of mops or brooms
answering the telephone
P.O. Box 20218
floor inspections
strange rules--"Mormons, do not remove blankets from the rooms."
group prayers at the dinner table
waiting for the cafeteria to open
segregated seating during dinner
monthly calendar posted on the first floor
getting lunch from the kitchen
crossing the Allenby Bridge
singing in the Jerash amphitheater
horseback riding to Petra through the Siq
standing inside the Treasury at Petra
Sister Richins' birthday cake in Amman
Queen Alia Airport
Egypt and the Sinai
Cairo Airport
galabias, alabaster vases, papyrus, perfume, and cartouches
"Not camel bone--real ivory!"
"Not banana leaf--real papyrus!"
the City of the Dead
Al-Azhar University
the Pyramids
camel rides to the Sphynx
felucca rides on the Nile River
bunny hopping on the Luxor Train
our first smell of Luxor
carriage rides and bike rentals in Luxor
hiking to Queen Hatshepsut's palace
overloaded donkey carts
Luxor Train Station: Simon Says, dancing, soldiers, hymn-singing
the Suez Canal
cleanup duty in the Sinai
sunrise over Sinai
spiritual analogies atop Mount Sinai
parrot fish, coral reefs, and giant clams
the anticipation to leave for Galilee
peacocks at Kare Deshe
Afikim's monopoly money
"walking" on the Sea of Galilee
the view of Galilee from Poriyya
class on the shore of Galilee under the huge eucalyptus trees
banana knives, machetes, and gloves
the second floor commons room at Afikim
riding the wagon out to the banana fields
sorting clothes at Afikim on wash day
our assigned families at Afikim
Mr. "Speedo Swimsuit" paddling his raft on the Sea of Galilee
clusters of bananas
hiking to the missing Hexagonal Pools (do they really exist?)
snow on Mount Hermon
standing at Metulla looking into Lebanon
drip irrigation pipes
Jewish Culture
all colors and styles of kepahs (skullcaps)
mezuzzas and menorahs
Mea Shearim women wearing scarves
side curls, wide fur hats, and black trench coats
bar mitzvahs on Mondays and Thursdays
phylacteries, Torah scrolls, shofars, and prayer shawls
the stillness of Shabbat
Passover week with matzah
Arab Culture
kaffiyehs: red, black, blue, green, and white
shepherds with their flocks of sheep and herds of goats
Bedouin tents
Ramadan and the ornery Arabs
various heights and shapes of minarets
the wailing sound of Arabic music
old men smoking hookahs (Arab water pipes)
Palestinian refugee camps
baggy Bedouin women in colorfully embroidered clothes selling leaves
Student Life
green B.Y.U. Travel Study nametags and blue travel bags
cheering as we landed in Israel
reading "The Jerusalem Post" and "Al-Fajr" the morning before a quiz
Bishara Bahbah's quizzes
field trips
devotionals: song, scripture, and prayer--"Who's turn is it?"
correcting tests
early morning jogging
PA days
on-site archaeology reports
IOABW (Israeli Organization Against Beached Whales)
high fives
laying out to get "mocha" tans
elbow tag ("fag" tag)
kissing rugby
History and Geography classes
tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, jogging, and football
map manuals
Michael Jackson and Boy George
Discovering the World of the Bible
surfing on the bus
the optional Political Science class
Current Events class
Bible reenactments
home teachers and visiting teachers
group T-shirts made at Mr. T's
rolling up sleeping bags after a movie, popcorn, and pillows
folkdancing with Zvi Hillman
cave-exploring at Mareshah
the rain and mud on the hike to Jericho
the medicine bag
Brother Ogden's talk on morality
bathroom stops in the desert
buses leaving for Mormon House at 8:20 a.m.
"The Bible comes alive!"
Political Terms and Events
the Balfour Declaration
the PLO
the Sykes-Picot Agreement
U.N. Resolution 242
bomb scares
machine guns, soldiers, and sonic booms
bomb shelters
bag searches when entering any public building
the sound of wailing sirens
Egged and Dan buses
the Shalom Tower and the Diaspora Museum
"National Geographic" scenes in Eilat
dozens of T-shirt logos: "I walked my feet off in Jerusalem"
Hapoalim Bank, American Israel Bank, United Mizrahi Bank, Leumi Bank
fluttering blue and white Israeli flags
Mercedes Benz taxis
old canteens
"Forgive and forget, except for stolen underwear."
emergency exit fingers (stewardess hand motion)
the one-armed bandit
sandpaper T.P. and "no-sit" toilets
warning: "Women must wear long sleeves!"
bottled water for $1.00
Abd al Aziz ibn Sa'ud
beggars and crippled people
thick sheepskin rugs and coats
"Sunshine group"
Omar, Bagdadi, Tabash, etc.
olive wood nativity sets and ornaments
waiting for buses
hand-painted pottery and blown glass
hauling dirt at the archaeology dig in Gilo
the train ride to Tel Aviv
fruit stands in Jericho
sign on the way to the Dead Sea: "Niveau de la Mer--Sea Level"
bargaining and bartering for that "good price"
buying rings
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