Below is a day-by-day overview of events experienced by Winter Semester 1984 Jerusalem Study Abroad participants.  Much of the material below appeared in the original memory book, Israel '84.  As additional materials are digitized, links will be added beneath the appropriate date.  Contributions of individual journal entries, stories, tape recordings, and photographs and warmly encouraged:
Friday, January 27, 1984
Orientation at BYU
"What's most unique about you?" (or, "What do you want the rest of us to remember the longest about you?")
Saturday, January 28, 1984
Take off from Salt Lake City at 9:00 a.m. to St. Louis and New York
Four-and-one-half-hour delay at JFK ("Maybe we won't make it after all?")
Journal Entry:
SLC 9:17 p.m.
New York 11:17 p.m.
Well, here we sit, crammed into an airplane at the Kennedy Airport.  We were all ready for take-off and were advancing to the runway when the pilot came on the intercom and said there are problems, so here we are, four hours later, still waiting to leave for Paris, and eventually we'll end up in Tel Aviv.  After spending this time waiting to take off, I've decided that it would be a horrible torture to make someone continually fly around the world, never getting any farther than the airport terminal, eating airplane food and enduring the sarcastic glares of the stewardesses when you ask for something out of the ordinary.  I envision thoughts of slowly losing my mind, cracking up from lack of space, excitement, decent food, and most of all—fresh air.  What an awful way to go!  Anyway, I've lost—no, not lost, just tucked my excitement into my pocket and I just want to get there.  I've met a few people, and I hope to meet many more.  It's interesting talking to others and getting to know them.  I'm tired of this airplane.  (Angie Holdaway)
Sunday, January 29, 1984
Layover in Paris for one hour
Cheers as we arrive in Israel at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv at 6:45 p.m.
First view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
Shackled stone so wants to turn to dust,
Blow away, rise on fingers of a care-free
Wind.  Yet it stands, stolid (I'd say) over
Three thousand years, marking man's chosen
Site of sorrow and war--God's city of peace.
But, O, walls of Jerusalem, your stupid stamina
Frightens me, mocks my irresolute soul.  Fall
Down, I say, as you must, must wish, and set me
Free to turn away.  Together we shall skulk into
The wilderness, clasping hands with all the fugitives,
To float and sip lemonade in the dead, dead sea.
(Brandon Bennett)
Arrive at wind-swept Ramat Rachel with mounds of luggage
Monday, January 30, 1984
Orientation class with Pres. Galbraith
Student Materials:
List of Contents in Student Orientation Packet  
First day of chocolate sandwiches
Mitzpeh Rachel Postcard  
Mitzpeh Rachel Restaurant/Cafeteria Napkin  
Tuesday, January 31, 1984
Large group goes jogging before breakfast
Overview of Jerusalem: Model City, #7 bus route, Knesset, Mea Shearim, Mount of Olives, U. N. Hill, Gilo
Diane Hoer Sketch of Orthodox Jewish Man Studying  
Sign-up for committees
Student Materials:
BYU Student Committee List page 1  
page 2  
"Meet the Mormons" of Jerusalem: introductions of students and members followed by hot chocolate and cookies
Journal Entry:
At 3:30 [a group of students] and myself decided to use our time before the 6:00 dinner to initiate ourselves to the city of Jerusalem.  We crossed the field from the kibbutz to catch an Arab bus into town along the Bethlehem road.  This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life so far!  I can't possibly begin to write it all down (it would take too long), but I can say we all experienced some form of positive, impressive culture shock.  We were going to go to Mea Shearim, but we got off at Jaffa Gate and entered the Old City for our very first time.  What an experience!!
Obnoxious sellers (like at the Mount of Olives earlier today) immediately tried to catch our attention.  We were no more than 200 yards into the Old City, walking along a fascinating narrow street that descended in steps and was covered with arches, before a few in our small group were buying or bartering.  Most all of the shopkeepers speak English, and some of the things they say are so funny.  I didn't intend to buy a thing from them, but it was so hard to say no because they are so aggressive and outright intimidating.  I bartered for a shirt with someone from 2200 shekels to 800 shekels, but then I didn't buy it--a mistake.  Don't barter unless you're prepared to buy.  I thought I'd never get out of the man's shop alive.
It seems like everything in the Old City is way overpriced, yet called "a special deal for you."  There are olive wood carvings, brass cups, ceramic bowls, fresh fruit, fish, meat, embroidered clothes, T-shirts, leather goods, pastries, candy, and a million and one other things.  I ended up buying a very good nut bar just like one at home, but this was larger and very fresh.  We walked past some of the 14 stations of Christ's crucifixion and past mosques into which I took a peek. . . . What an exciting world!  Our way home was also interesting: an Arab in a beautiful flowing black robe with gold trim was on the bus. . . .
Wednesday, February 1, 1984
Overview of northern Israel--200 miles: Gibeah, watch tower, Jacob's Well, our first falafels in Afula, Nazareth, Galilee, Jordan Valley, Jericho
Thursday, Febuary 2, 1984
Our first bus passes
Steven Wilcox moves in
Friday, February 3, 1984
First day of scrambled eggs
Hebrew phrases and songs
Song (Hebrew)
ZOOM GALLEE (Sung in a round)
Zoom gallee, gallee, gallee
Zoom gallee, gallee
Avodah l'maan hekhaloots
Hekhaloots l'maan avodah
Song (Hebrew)
Hevenu shalom aleichem
Hevenu shalom aleichem
Hevenu shalom aleichem
Hevenu shalom shalom shalom aleichem
Saturday, February 4, 1984
Shabbat (our first Sunday on Saturday at Mormon House): Fast and Testimony Meeting, "Anee ben Elohim" by Aaron Boyd
Journal Entry:
The first two weeks of each program I just hold my breath and plunge in, getting all classes going, orientations over, student life and committees organized, and orphanages, all my own teaching (heavy on geography the first two weeks), interviewing and calling 70 new people to branch positions and setting apart a third of them (thank the Lord for two strong counselors, Bud Boyd and Alden Richins).
Among these students are many stalwart and animated young women, as usual, but also an impressive supply of fellows--returned missionaries--with real power and stability, more so than most groups.  We're in for some very unforgettable and inspiring times together. (D. Kelly Ogden, Pioneering the East, p. 119, February 1984)
Sunday, February 5, 1984
Monday, February 6, 1984
Orientation walk through the Old City: Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda and St. Anne's Church--"Come, Come Ye Saints," Temple Mount, Western Wall and bar mitzvahs, the Cardo, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Garden Tomb
Home Evening: three films on Abraham
This land is your land;
This land is my land
From the Negev Desert
To the Golan Heights--
From the Mediterranean
To the Jordan River;
This land was made for you and me.
As I was walking the Via Maris
I saw below me that rocky valley;
I saw above me the Shephelah;
This land was made for you and me.
Tuesday, February 7, 1984
Wednesday, February 8, 1984
Special Lecture: "Jewish Culture" by Rabbi Marcus
Thursday, February 9, 1984
First day of Dr. Bishara Bahbah
Al-Fajr ("The Dawn") Newspaper Masthead  
Movie on the Holocaust
Friday, February 10, 1984
Young Adults: "Exodus"
Saturday, February 11, 1984
Shabbat: sustaining of students in their new callings, Brother and Sister Richins
Fireside: "The Church in Israel (Part I)" by Pres. Galbraith
Sunday, February 12, 1984
Monday, February 13, 1984
Special Lecture: "The Abraham Facsimiles" by Brother Harris
Service projects begin: Orphanage and walk home from Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 14, 1984
Valentine's Day: girls to guys: cookies and valentines; guys to girls: flowers and valentines
Special Lecture: "The Islamic Religion" by Jamil To'mah
Students visit Mormon House--Scouts sell "California" cookies
First day of optional class
Folkdancing and ice cream
Wednesday, February 15, 1984
First day of Dr. David Landau
Arabic phrases
Special Lecture: "Archaeology" by Dr. Mazar
Thursday, February 16, 1984
FT #1  Homes of the Patriarchs (first half of students): Solomon's Pools, glass and ceramic shop, Hebron, Beersheba ("bare-shay-vah"), Brother Ogden's talk in Gerar on the importance of families, Gaza
Friday, February 17, 1984
Bahbah's quiz! (What IS the capital of Bahrain??)
Young Adults: Home Evening skits and awards
Saturday, February 18, 1984
Shabbat: "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me" by the choir, Brother and Sister Poulton
Jerusalem Branch Sacrament Meeting Program  
Fireside: "The Church in Israel (Part II)" by Pres. Galbraith
Audio File (mp3)
David B. Galbraith Fireside, "The Church in Israel
(Part II)," Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel
part 1  
part 2  
Sunday, February 19, 1984
FT #1  Homes of the Patriarchs (second half of students)
Certified scuba divers go to Eilat
Elder's Quorum party at Brother Ogden's home: Holiday Bowl, ice cream, and strawberries
Monday, February 20, 1984
Special Lecture: "History of Islam" by Jamil To'mah
Journal Entry:
Today we went to the Orphanage.  An experience.  We each needed to pick a child to spend time with for two hours a week.  None of the children would come to me, at least none that hadn't already been chosen.  Finally, after I was exasperated, this adorable little four-year-old boy came up to me!  We played outside, and I gave him a candy bar.  I think it will be good.
It's hard for me to go to the Orphanage.  So sad.  Orphans:  children that no one wants.  But again, all the knowledge in the world won't get me into the Celestial Kingdom without charity.  I kept saying to myself, "Do as Christ would do," so I stayed and tried to play with the children.  I was so thrilled when the little four-year-old finally came up to me.  I hope I can become a friend to him.
Tuesday, February 21, 1984
Trip to the Temple Mount: Al-Aksa Mosque, group picture, Dome of the Rock, museum
Group Photo on southern steps of al-Aksa Mosque  
Al-Aksa Mosque Entrance Ticket  
Movie: "The Issue is Peace"
Wednesday, February 22, 1984
Special Lecture: "Spiritual Zionism" by Dr. Hertzl Fishman
Audio File (mp3)
Hertzl Fishman, "Spiritual Zionism," Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel part 1  
part 2  
Thursday, February 23, 1984
Bedouin camp--authentic?!
Audio File (mp3)
Bedouin Camp, Jerusalem, Israel part 1  
part 2  
Special Lecture: "The Abraham Facsimiles" by Brother Harris (conclusion)
Friday, February 24, 1984
Young Adults: "The Ten Commandments" (first half)
Saturday, February 25, 1984
Shabbat: Jeri Cash, Teri Workman, "He Touched My Hand" by Robin Ottesen, Kevin Ganschow
"The Ten Commandments" (second half)
Sunday, February 26, 1984
Soccer game
Journal Entry:
Today we had quite an experience.  Somehow, someone in Bethlehem offered us a challenge to a soccer game.  After "destroy¡ing" Bethlehem's team in basketball last week, I guess egos had to be soothed--thus the soccer challenge.  None of us but Chris Petersen had ever played much, but we accepted anyway.
We were supposed to meet them at Nativity Square at 1:30, so thirteen of us crammed into the van to go over there.  We stood around for awhile, and then they took us up some back alleys and up some dingy old stairs to an Islam Boys Club.  They had soccer trophies all over!  We were to meet the team there, but we were in a hurry, so we took off for the "field."  The field was covered with dirt and gravel--not too great for traction with jogging and basketball shoes.
Anyway, the team showed up and they turned out being the West Bank champions!  They were taking everything seriously, and I guess word got out of the impending American massacre, because people started appearing from everywhere.  By the time everything started, I imagine there were two or three hundred people there.  After "official" pictures and a few minutes explaining to our team how to play the game ("kick it that way and don't use your hands"), we finally got started.
There was, of course, never any doubt as to the outcome.  The final score was 6-1, but it could have been 6-4.  We all had a great time entertaining ourselves, the opposition, and the crowd.  We would kick and miss, and the crowd would laugh and laugh.  With no cleats, nearly everyone on our side wiped out once or twice in the gravel.  Mark Lybbert ran over more than one person who got between him and the ball.  The Arabs thought they would try their own version of David and Goliath (Abdul and Goliath, maybe) as they tried to stone our goalie, Brandon Bennett.  They failed, though, as Brandon did a great job as goalie and dodged most of the rocks.  Kevan Kjar showed shades of greatness, scoring our one goal and narrowly missing a couple of other times.  We didn't have any idea what we were doing, but hustled and ran around like crazy.  It was a lot of fun.
The customs were interesting.  There were a lot of children and men there, but no women.  I don't know whether that was due to lack of interest or custom.  They also made a ruckus over the fact that our shirts weren't the same.  We offered to go shirtless, but it was against Moslem law, so they provided us with shirts.  They also asked us not to yell loudly.  After half time we were ready to play again, but had to wait while the other team had their afternoon prayers.  It wasn't what you could call a regular Sunday afternoon.  (Bill Boyle)
Monday, February 27, 1984
Fireside: "Before You Go Into Egypt" by Brother Harris
Jordan-Egypt Trip Student Roommate List  
Jordan-Egypt Official Travel Itinerary (Dakkak Tourist Agency)  
Tuesday, February 28, 1984
Bomb explosion in West Jerusalem
Journal Entry:
Today I went to the Orphanage again.  It was good.  Very good.  My little guy is so cute, with the biggest brown eyes.  Today we played outside on the playground by the Orphanage the whole time.  We slid on the slide, played on the merry-go-round, threw a pine cone back and forth, took pictures, tried to chew gum but he kept swallowing it, and had piggyback rides.  At first it was slow, but after half an hour things went smoothly.  Last time he wouldn't talk at all, but just smiled and laughed.  Today he started off smiling and laughing, and by the end he was talking away!!!
He likes to be loved and held, and when he wants it, he climbs up on me or jumps on my back.  I like it, and I hope he feels that.  I goof around with him, and tickle him, and turn him upside down, and laugh with him, and chase him.  I hope he knows I like to be with him.  I hope I'm helping him!
Wednesday, February 29, 1984
FT #13  Jordan and Egypt (8 days): Allenby Bridge, Jerash, Amman, Jordan Archaeological Museum, Ambassador Hotel, dancing (initiated by Holt Zaugg)
Bible Reenactment Committee Report:
On our first day in Jordan, the Bible Reenactment Committee showed what it is made of, except only half of us were able to see their performance.  Jacob, played by Kevan Kjar, and his four wives--Heidi Hill, Jeri Cash, Kim Brown, and Angie Holdaway--reenacted scenes from Genesis along the Jabbok River.  Jacob wrestled with the angel, played by Mark Lybbert.  (Lisa Broadbent)
Jordan Archaeological Museum Admission Ticket  
Thursday, March 1, 1984
Up at 3:00 a.m. for night ride to Petra, horse rides, the Treasury, hike to the High Place, Kerak, Arnon Valley, dancing on the bus to Michael, Sister Richins' birthday, taxis to downtown Amman
Authentic Jordanian sign:
Friday, March 2, 1984
Plains of Moab, Mount Nebo, Medeba Map, Alia Airlines to Cairo ("Flight into Egypt"), Genine Pack meets us, inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), camel ride to the Sphinx, shopping at Lucky Papyrus, Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids, Vendome Hotel
Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Admission Ticket  
Pyramids and Sphinx Sound and Light Spectacle Ticket  
Audio File (mp3)
Sounds of Cairo, Egypt, recorded by Brent J. Belnap  
Saturday, March 3, 1984
Muhammad Ali (Alabaster) Mosque and Citadel, Egyptian Museum and King Tut's treasures, barbecue chicken for lunch (scary!), Step Pyramid, Serapeum, Tomb of Ti (only one bus), Alabaster Sphinx and Ramses II statue at Memphis, perfume shop, shopping in the Cairo bazaar, night train to Luxor
Sunday, March 4, 1984
Arrive in Luxor, ferry across the Nile, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings, hike to Hatshepsut's Palace, Tomb #33, alabaster shop, return ride over the Nile
Sacrament Meeting in Windsor Hotel: Robyn Davies, Andrea Adams, "I Am A Son Of Abraham" by the choir, Chris Smith, Chris Hainsworth
Audio File (mp3)
Sacrament Meeting, Windsor Hotel, Luxor, Egypt  
Evening felucca rides on the Nile
Monday, March 5, 1984
Carriage rides to Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, afternoon carriage and bicycle rides, Sound and Light Show at Karnak, Luxor Train Station until 2:30 a.m.
Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show Ticket  
Journal Entry:
At the Luxor Train Station we had a layover.  After playing games and dancing, we sang hymns.  What a spirit we all felt sitting on the filthy floor of the train station in Luxor, Egypt, singing!  The words were so meaningful.  Most of the time when you sing, you don't concentrate on the words, but last night I did.  The general message of all the hymns we sang was that Christ lives, and that he is our Savior and Redeemer.  The true meaning of singing hymns is to worship God and Jesus Christ.  We worshipped them last night.
Journal Entry:
Well, the places all seem about the same now.  It's the students who create highlights for me: singing on the bus, turning almost to a testimony meeting in song.  Second evening in Luxor we were to board the train for return to Cairo at approximately 10 pm.  When we arrived at the railway station we were informed of some kind of derailing en route from Aswan, so we made the most of it; the students put on a floor show par excellence in the train station: dances, games, and songs.  As we wore down and it grew colder the whole group snuggled together to sing hymns.  Hour after hour . . . finally our voices were hoarse, our bodies listless and numb; at 2 am the train rolled in and we boarded, for a late supper and bed.  During intense experiences with pressures and uncertainties, somehow a group pulls together and love expands.  (D. Kelly Ogden, Pioneering the East, p. 120, February 29-March 7, 1984)
Tuesday, March 6, 1984
Return to Cairo (no time for the Fayyum), khamsin, shopping downtown near Cairo Hilton, Vendome Hotel again
Journal Entry:
I woke up and had feelings of "longing for Jerusalem."  I felt so grateful to have been in Egypt--and now out of Egypt.  I stood at the train's window and stared out, trying to memorize all that I saw: the children playing soccer by the train tracks, the women washing clothes and dishes in the Nile, the run-down apartments and houses with pieces of clothing hanging out to dry, the palm trees and the green fields.
Our train was stopping frequently for short moments.  When we stopped at one point and I stood at the train window looking out, a small boy jumped up to my view and stood on the side-board of the train.  His big brown eyes fixed to mine and we smiled and giggled at one another.  Moments passed and the train began moving again.
I urged the small boy to jump off while the train moved slowly.  Only knowing the Arabic word for "no," I shook my head and strictly spoke "lah, lah."  His response was at first a smile and then as the train got going faster and faster, his eyes captured fear.  He would look at the fast moving ground beneath him and then at me, with a pale white expression.  Those seconds seemed eternal, as I did not know how on earth he would rescue himself to safety.  I felt so helpless!
For a moment's time I turned back in my mind how parents must feel when a child is in danger of making wrong choices.  Perhaps they sometimes feel as though the communication between them is foreign.  The child cannot see the wisdom in listening.  But free agency entitles him or her to choose for one's own self--no matter who's on the other side of that pane of glass, urging to save that child from harm, accident, or hurt.
In my mind I made one more analogy, "Our Father in Heaven."  I know for a certainty that there are times in my life when God would like more than anything to save me from unnecessary pain.  But my communication channels are not always clear.  Because of His deep amount of love for me, He wants the best for me and hurts to see me fall.  Just as I had not learned how to best communicate with the Arab child, I must strive to perfect my communication with the Father.  He's waiting there--anxious to direct my paths and decisions.
The boy finally jumped and rolled down the side of the hill.  I presume, and pray, he is O.K.  I continued to stare out that train window with even more on my mind than before.
Wednesday, March 7, 1984
Return from Egypt, Suez Canal, Chris Hainsworth's birthday spanking machine in the Sinai, El Arish, border at Rafiah, Jerusalem
"Wow, Israel is so green!"
Massive rearrangement of our rooms at Ramat Rachel
New roommates
Thursday, March 8, 1984
Friday, March 9, 1984
Special Lecture: "Arab Culture" by Jamil To'mah (first part)
Young Adults: "Fiddler On The Roof"
Saturday, March 10, 1984
Shabbat: Fast and Testimony Meeting
Sunday, March 11, 1984
Special Lecture: "Jewish Holy Days" by Rabbi Joshua Adler
Monday, March 12, 1984
Special Lecture: "Arab Culture" by Jamil To'mah (conclusion)
First day of scuba class in pool
Tuesday, March 13, 1984
Pig-out party for girls!
Special Lecture: "Jewish Concept of Messiah" by Rabbi Marcus
Wednesday, March 14, 1984
Political Science panel on Jerusalem with Dr. Landau and Dr. Bahbah
Audio File (mp3)
Bishara A. Bahbah-David Landau Debate, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel part 1 [TO COME]
part 2 [TO COME]
Thursday, March 15, 1984
Friday, March 16, 1984
Young Adults: Purim Party (Halloween comes to Israel), "The Story of Ruth"
Saturday, March 17, 1984
Shabbat: Allison Foote, "Sweet Is The Work" by the choir, Lisa Broadbent, Kimo Esplin
Fireside: "The Future of Jerusalem" by Brother Ogden, "Rise, Rise, Jerusalem"
Audio File (mp3)
D. Kelly Ogden Song, "Rise, Rise, Jerusalem," Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel  
St. Patrick's Day buttons
Sunday, March 18, 1984
Fund raising pancake breakfast by the Scouts
Relief Society birthday luncheon
Relief Society Birthday Luncheon Program  
To save the lives of others As we observe such loyalty,
By giving of ourselves, This dictate from the heart,
Will lay up heaven's treasures We see how Esther saves herself
Where God, the Father, dwells. By setting truths apart.
Esther, having virgin grace, Life is such a precious gift . . .
Was crowned the royal queen, A jewel beyond compare.
Obtaining riches, gold, and wealth We must choose in righteousness
From Ahusuerus the king. Without one moment spared.
The blood that ran within her veins Often in this hectic world
Was deep and of great worth; That time doth swiftly pass,
She stood behind her race and kin Our lives become preoccupied
. . . all born a Jew at birth. Away from goods that last.
To look beyond the naked eye We must counteract this point
And see the worth of souls, And keep our goals in sight,
Esther went before the king, To shine before our heritage
Risking life at her dispose. With honor, truth, and light.
Because of his great love for her, (Penni Johnson)
He took back his command,
And spared the lives of many Jews
By retrieving soldier's hands.
Jerusalem Branch History:
LDS sisters around the world held their annual Relief Society Birthday Party in mid-March, and the Jerusalem Branch was no exception.  The BYU women at Ramat Rachel organized an event centered on the story of Esther, as the Jewish festival of Purim was also being commemorated about the same time.  (Steven W. Baldridge, Grafting In, p. 72)
Monday, March 19, 1984
Shushan Purim (celebrated in walled cities)
Allison Foote, Lori Andreasen, and Genine Pack "attacked" in Mea Shearim
Audio File (mp3)
Shushan Purim Celebration, Jerusalem, Israel  
Tuesday, March 20, 1984
Wednesday, March 21, 1984
FT #3  The Conquest Route: Beth Shemesh, Canada Park, Upper Beth Horon, Gibeon, rocky hill between Bethel and Ai--"There Is An Hour Of Peace And Rest," O.T. Jericho, Elisha's Spring, N.T. Jericho
Thursday, March 22, 1984
FT #4  The City of David (first half of students): Mount Ophel, Area G, Pinnacle of the Temple, Absalom's Pillar, Hezir's Tomb, Zechariah's Tomb, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Siloam Pool
Fireside: "LDS View on the Gathering of Israel" by Pres. Galbraith
Friday, March 23, 1984
FT #4  The City of David (second half of students)
Political Science midterm
Young Adults: charades
Saturday, March 24, 1984
Shabbat: Cynthia Harmer, "Home's Bright Love" by Debbie Reynolds, Heidi Hales, Kevan Kjar
Special fast for Brother Ogden and prayer by Mark Lybbert
Sunday, March 25, 1984
Scuba divers leave for three-day trip to the Red Sea
BYU London arrives
Israeli soldiers have show at Ramat Rachel
Monday, March 26, 1984
Optional trip to Tel Aviv: Safari Park, Diaspora Museum, Mediterranean
Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty signed five years ago today
Tuesday, March 27, 1984
London/Israel combined Home Evening activity followed by cookies and ice cream
We welcome you to Israel; The Luxor train was quite the treat,
We hope you feel at home; Swaying back and forth;
You'll soon be wishing you were here Sometimes going West and East,
Instead of in London! The other South and North.
Chorus: Chorus
By gum! This program's fun The Arab men are interesting;
And everything is keen; They bargain for the gals;
Isn't this a happy song We turn down camel offerings
For everyone to sing!! And push for being pals!
We have all sorts of PA days Each day we wait for mail call
In which we can go ape. Box 20218.
Things are pretty easy here We LOVE to get our letters,
As long as we don't drape! But they always come so late.
Chorus Chorus
We hear the girls complain of food; In Poli-Sci we get both sides
The boys think that it's great. From Arab and from Jew;
Then why are the girls getting fat We almost have a war in class
While the boys are losing weight? As big as World War II!
Chorus Chorus
In six days God created earth, Richins, Harris, Ogden, too
The seventh he took easy; Have made us what we are;
Trying to figure when Sabbath is They work long hours to make us great
Makes all of us quite queasy!! So we really will go far.
Chorus Chorus
With our group we saw the Nile We hope you've liked this sing-a-long;
Full of funny stuff. We hope you've felt at home.
I stuck my hand into the mess In one last parting thought we say
And had to cut it off! To Londoners, "Shalom!!"
Chorus Chorus
Audio File (mp3)
London/Jerusalem Program, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, Israel  
Wednesday, March 28, 1984
Archaeology dig at Gilo begins
Special prayer for Brother Ogden offered by Jerry Phillips
Thursday, March 29, 1984
Archaeology dig at Gilo continues
Archaeology, I am doing it.
My archaeology.
And the reasons why I am doing it
Are very clear to me.
I will make a grid, excavate a tel,
I'll find a history,
And some fossils and some pottery.
My archaeology.
Friday, March 30, 1984
Land Day
Archaeology dig at Gilo continues
Young Adults: Newly-Met Game with London and Vienna followed by a dance and pita
Saturday, March 31, 1984
Shabbat: District Conference at Orson Hyde Memorial Garden with Pres. Galbraith, Ian Boyd, "I Feel My Savior's Love" by the choir, Boyd Tingey, Becky Burnham, London and Vienna students, "I Heard Him Come" by Cynthia Harmer and Lisa Broadbent, Pres. Holland, Elder Faust, "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked" by Robert Taylor, Elder Hunter
Audio File (mp3)
Israel District Conference, Orson Hyde Memorial Garden, Jerusalem, Israel part 1  
part 2  
Jerusalem Branch History:
Another semiannual district conference took place 31 March, this one being a little different: held at the Orson Hyde Garden, Elders Howard W. Hunter and James E. Faust were present, as were Pres. Jeffrey R. Holland, Fred Schwendiman and Robert Taylor of BYU.  As usual, the district gathering included the Saints of the three branches, but was also augmented by students of Study Abroad programs in London and Vienna, bringing attendance totals to 262.  The conference occasioned the release of representative Nolan Oswald as Tel Aviv branch president; he was replaced by Vernon Cooley, also a representative.  (Steven W. Baldridge, Grafting In, p. 72)
Leadership meeting and lunch at Mormon House
Labour Party political meeting at Ramat Rachel
Choir sings to Brother Ogden in his home
Sunday, April 1, 1984
April Fool's Day ("All right, who put butter on the toilet seats?")
I looked out the window and what did I see?
Date-a-palms popping on the date-a-palm tree.
Spring has brought me such a nice surprise--
Date-a-palms popping right before my eyes.
I could take an armful and throw it in the sea;
A great big wave would bring it back to me.
It wasn't really so, but it seemed to be
Date-a-palms floating on the Sea of Galilee.
Monday, April 2, 1984
FT #5  The Shephelah: Bus problems, Lachish, Mareshah and columbarium caves, Bell caves, Midrash tomb for reenactment of Mary, Elah Valley for reenactment of David and Goliath, Azekah
Bible Reenactment Committee Report:
On our fieldtrip through the Shephelah on April 2, we visited a first century sepulchre with a stone still present.  Here Allison Foote portrayed Mary looking into the tomb to discover Christ was gone.  Later the same day, in the Valley of Elah, several members of the Bible Reenactment Committee helped assemble Goliath.  With Craig Bennett as David, and with help from us all, Goliath fell once again.  (Lisa Broadbent)
First night of fag tag
Terrorists on King George kill over 40 people
Tuesday, April 3, 1984
Wednesday, April 4, 1984
Thursday, April 5, 1984
Tracey Warner receives her patriarchal blessing
Christmas Eve in Shepherd's Field: dinner, Christmas carols led by Kaye Davis, Pres. Galbraith, "Mary's Lullaby" by Cynthia Harmer and Lisa Broadbent, Sheri Godfrey's story and lighting of candles, "I Wonder When He Comes Again," Connie Mutch's story, some walk home
Read this section at 11:00 p.m. (Utah time) on Christmas Eve.  Light your candles, too!!
This is the story that was read while Cynthia and Lisa hummed "I Wonder When He Comes Again."  But, before you read this, go and get your green book that has everyone's picture in it . . . open it up . . . look at every face in there . . . and ask yourself, "How did each person influence my life while we shared all of those wonderful experiences together?"  Think about that a little before you read the story:
"I have a really wonderful family.  I hope I can be with them forever.  My whole family is special, but let me tell you about my older brother, especially the time He got His mission call.  I guess we planned on His mission long before He could go.  In fact, our parents were planning that mission long before I was born.  Anyway, the Family Home Evening we had just before He left was really neat.  Before He left, though, we talked about how we were going to be a part of His mission.  Some were concerned about converts and baptisms, others about the difficul¡ties.  Lots of relatives were there and He knew He was going to the land of His ancestors.
"He went before there was a language school and He was going to have to pick up the language and start from scratch.  He wasn't going to open the mission, but He knew that others that had gone there before had really had a hard time.  When the time for Him to go finally came, we were all gathered together and we sang a song--the kind of song that makes you happy and makes you cry at the same time.  It was neat with so many relatives.
"He had prepared so long; we knew He would do well.  He did have some problems with companions that slept too much and other things, but He said it was because they didn't understand.  He worked hard.  He had baptisms, although I don't remember how many and I don't know names either.  He talked to people in shops, in their church meetings, in their homes, on the street, and wherever He got a chance.  Most of the people didn't care.  Some of the people even got angry.  Some even tried to hurt Him or make fun of Him.  I wouldn't want anyone to call me names or spit on me.  Some of the people did listen and that made Him happy.  It made me happy, too.
"He did have problems with the law.  The people that didn't like what He taught decided to try to get Him to quit.  He got arrested.  They said He told people He was something He wasn't.  Anyway, there was a trial or something.  It didn't turn out the way I thought it might, but He said it was okay.  I wasn't sure.  But, after the trial, they beat Him until He was bleeding, and they made fun of Him, and then they took my elder brother up on a hill and crucified Him.
"He died for me, and I just hope that when He comes again, I can sing for Him like we did when He was born in Bethlehem so many years ago."
I hope this story brings back floods of memories of that scene just south of Ramat Rachel.  I'm sure we all had time to just sit and soak up the beauty of it.  Try to remember that also while pondering Israel at the Christmas Season.
Friday, April 6, 1984
Up at 4:00 a.m. for reenactment of Christ's betrayal near Gethsemane and Peter's denial of Jesus near Caiaphas' Palace
Bible Reenactment Committee Report:
At 4:00 a.m. on April 6, we boarded buses and headed to a site near the Garden of Gethsemane to reenact the betrayal of Christ.  Although we had to sign up to go, most of us, surprisingly, were awake so early in the morning.  Kevin Ganschow portrayed Christ, Jerry Phillips portrayed Judas Iscariot, and Mark Lybbert portrayed Peter.  We then went to St. Peter in Gallicantu where Lisa Broadbent, portraying a townswoman, accused Peter of being one of Christ's followers while he warmed himself over a small fire.  (Lisa Broadbent)
Journal Entry:
The morning of April 6, 1984 at 4 a.m. over 50 students were out of bed to go with me to Gethsemane and to St. Peter n Gallicantu for reenactment of the betrayal of Judas, and Peter about to cut off the high priest's servant's ear, and of Peter warming himself by a fire and denying knowing Jesus three times.  It was such a cool, beautiful morning and it was perfect timing; out on the grassy slopes near the ancient palace of Caiaphas at 5-6 a.m. the cocks were crowing almost continuously through our reenactment.  (D. Kelly Ogden, Pioneering the East, p. 124)
Young Adults: "The Chosen"
Saturday, April 7, 1984
Shabbat: Fast and Testimony Meeting
Fireside: "Morality" by Brother Ogden at Mormon House, "More Holiness Give Me," refreshments
The Church has two new apostles: Russell Nelson and Dallin Oaks
Sunday, April 8, 1984
Monday, April 9, 1984
FT #6  Samaria and Jezreel Valley (2 days): Shechem (blessings and cursings), Joseph's Tomb, Samaria, Afula, Carmelite Monastery for reenactment of Elijah and priests of Baal (Bill Boyle takes on Timex and Seiko), Haifa, headstones of two LDS missionaries, Kiryat Tivon Youth Hostel, fag tag
Bible Reenactment Committee Report:
During our sixth fieldtrip (April 9), the Bible Reenactment Committee effectively portrayed the battle on top of Mount Carmel between Elijah, played by Kevan Kjar, and the priests of Baal, played by Gary Richins and Debbie Reynolds.  The priests constructed an altar of Kaye Davis and Allison Foote, and then laid two bullocks, Loriann Garff and Jeanee Seljestad, on top.  Several others served as stones.  Cynthia Harmer and Heidi Hales were the water Elijah used to soak the sacrifice.  Three times water was sprinkled around the altars, and on the third time water was dumped on all involved.  After things settled back down, Kimo Esplin, dressed in a red sweatshirt, became our fire and consumed the sacrifice.  Lisa Broadbent and Chris Smith were the "pointers."  Bill Boyle, a living quarz crystal, indicated the exact time the priests of Baal waited for fire to come from their god, while Chris Hainsworth quoted the instructions given by the Lord.  Paul Richins was the narrator.  (Lisa Broadbent)
Fireside: tape on the effects of music by Jack Christensen
Tuesday, April 10, 1984
Megiddo in the rain, Jezreel, Afula, swimming at Gan Ha Shelosha
Wednesday, April 11, 1984
Thursday, April 12, 1984
Passover Seder
Journal Entry:
This evening after dinner we had one of our most interesting learning experiences so far on the Jewish culture.  We had a Passover service reenacted for us as Brother Ogden explained many things.  During the afternoon a lot of people worked very hard to set everything up--the small tables from our rooms were brought up to the Upper Room.  Four places were set at each beautifully decorated table, along with a bottle of Mount Carmel grape juice, an oil lamp, three wafers of matzah (unleavened) bread, and Haggadah books.  On each plate were lettuce leaves (to be dipped in salt water), horseradish, and a chopped apple and cinnamon type of salad.  Brother Ogden and Brother and Sister Harris sat at the front, and next to them was a completely authentic table with everything on our tables, plus a leg of lamb and an egg.  There were about 24 small tables in all for us to sit at, with one man at each table to preside as the father.
We had an opening prayer and then proceeded to have the service explained to us. . . . I suppose I was most strongly impressed by the beauty and simplicity of the Passover service--it testifies very strongly of the presence of God in our lives, and of the great and last sacrifice, even Jesus Christ.  It is a tradition I will most definitely want to incorporate in my future family as a teaching tool about Christ.  During the service the middle piece of matzah was broken in half (representing Christ as the second member of the Godhead), and then one half was hidden from the father's sight.  If the father can't find the half, the children can ask any favor of their father (within reason). . . . Paul Richins danced a ballet for two minutes to Boyd Tingey's expert serenade, Paul Wangemann stood on his head and recited a nursery rhyme, Haws Marble sang the BYU fight song, Brandon Bennett acted out "A Boy And A Girl In A Little Canoe" standing on a chair, and Chris Petersen danced his Michael Jackson.
Passover Song:
Who knows, who knows one?
I know one
One is God our Father in heaven and the earth
Two tablets of the Law
Three are the Patriarchs
Four mothers in Israel
Five are the books of Moses
Six books of the Mishnah
Seven days of the creation
Eight days of the Hanukah
Nine festivals of the year
Ten are the Ten Commandments
Friday, April 13, 1984
Friday the thirteenth (Holt Zaugg begins his beard)
Young Adults: fag tag and kissing rugby followed by milk and cookies
Satuday, April 14, 1984
Shabbat: Joann Richardson, "Come, Follow Me" and "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" by the Ogden children, Misty Sundgren, Mark Lybbert
Fireside (optional): "Hebrew Insights Into the Scriptures" by Brother Ogden at his home
Sunday, April 15, 1984
Palm Sunday procession from Bethphage Church to the Old City
Samaritan sacrifice on Mount Gerizim
Monday, April 16, 1984
FT #2  Sinai (4 days): Leave for Sinai at 4:00 a.m., Ed, Roger, Sue, and Amy join us, sunrise over Dead Sea, Yotvata for breakfast, Eilat, Taba checkpoint into Egypt (one bad bus and one good bus), Coral Island, El Zatona (Zeitona) camp for dinner with scorpions, sleeping on bus (guys) or in tents (girls and Chris Petersen)
A is for Aladdin's
B is bevakasha
C is for circumcision if you're Orthodox
D girls are dieting
E is "excuse me please"
F is falafels in the town of Afula
G is for greasy food
H David's happy face
I is for Israel, the land we love so much
J is for jammin' Jews
K is for kosher food
L is for letters that we never seem to get
M is for Mormon House
N number seven bus
O Brother Ogden and his pinched sciatic nerve
P popcorn every night
Q Bahbah's quizzes
R Ramat Rachel is the place we all call home
S sand in Sinai
T is for terrorists
U N Resolution #242
V Vendome Hotel
W Western Wailing Wall
X-rated bodies on the beaches of Eilat
Y Yasir Arafat
Zoom gallee, gallee, gallee, zoom!
Tuesday, April 17, 1984
Hike up Mount Sinai, sunrise, Testimony Meeting--four and one-half hours!, St. Catherine's Monastery, Moses' Well, the Burning Bush, Charnel House
Journal Entry:
I froze during the night, but since I also had to be up at 2:00 a.m., I didn't have time or the sensation to notice how cold I was.  In the dark we took buses to a place just below St. Catherine's Monastery and began our ascent of Mount Sinai about 3:15 a.m.  We had to be quiet passing the monastery so early in the morning, but I was surprised to find pilgrims already on their way.  I started near the front and decided to keep a somewhat quick, steady pace so that I wouldn't get too far behind and worry about ever reaching the top, since I didn't know how hard the climb would be.
The trail, surprisingly, was wide and smooth, and wound gradually up the slope beneath the towering granite cliffs of Sinai.  The moon was out in its fulness, and it bathed everything in a light bright enough to make out sharp shadows.  I soon found myself walking all alone, and had time to ponder a lot of things.  I quickly found myself comparing this walk to a symbolic journey of my life.  I was alone, yet I had a bright light and a clearly marked path, and it wasn't so much the rocks in the way or the steep drop-offs that would make me stop moving, but my own thoughts and personal stamina.  Only a few passed me--I was far ahead along the path--yet the sound of people approaching from behind kept me going in a sort of competitive desire not to be left behind.  The people ahead of me quickly disappeared, but as I approached the steep cliffs along this winding path (I took fewer and fewer shortcuts as I became more tired) I could see flashlights a long way ahead and above me telling me I was moving on the right path.
After awhile I was in the shadow of the mountain and no longer had the light of the moon, yet the light it cast on the mountains below me was very beautiful and inspiring.  At times the wind helped me along, and at other times it blew against me, but I kept moving as steadily as I could.  At one place before coming to the back side of the mountain and back into the moonlight, I walked next to the cliff and passed through a narrow gorge.  I had come a long way, but it still seemed like a long way lay ahead of me, although I took comfort, having heard from Haws that this pass was about two-thirds of the way up.
We were all anxious to reach the top before the sun came up, but I could see now I would make it if I kept up the same pace.  Here began the hardest part of the climb: some 750 steps (helpful, but uneven and sometimes even misleading in the shadows) to the summit.  The higher I climbed, the more tired I became.  I was following a man somewhat closely--I somehow sensed he didn't speak English--and his flashlight helped a bit.  When I stopped for a rest (I only stopped once), he stopped, too.  In a short while I was again climbing the steep stairs, and I felt an excitement as the summit (though still out of view) drew closer.
I reached the top about 4:30 a.m., after Brandon, Bill, Craig, and Kimo.  I was hot and tired, but I found a place to rest.  In no time I was very cold again, and glad I had taken my warmest winter coat with me.  Most of the group came within the next half hour or so, and the sky grew ever lighter.  Two small buildings were here on the top, and we all huddled next to one of the buildings and next to each other to stay warm.
The sunrise was beautiful, yet once it was barely up, the Sinai still seemed so dark because we were up so high.  We took some great pictures, and the moon was still bright behind us.  Eventually we all made it up (there were some minor injuries) and couldn't wait for the sun to rise higher so that we could get warm.
I believe around 6:00 we found a nice ledge just down from the top, against a cliff and protected from the wind.  We had a testimony meeting for the next four and one-half hours as most all of us bore our testimonies.  The Spirit was so strong on this day.  The air grew warmer, and we progressively sat further apart and peeled off more layers.  The testimonies borne were so pure and honest and uplifting, and were also so revealing about the persons giving them.
I stood up sometime near the beginning of the meeting.  I felt such a strong love for everyone in our group--I truly love everyone, and there have been some great, even miraculous changes take place in the hearts of some of the students.  It was so good to hear of their testimonies.  I shed many tears, but after awhile I was all cried out.  I could write volumes on what everyone said, but I can't take the time.  Suffice it to say that a common theme was love for everyone in the group, and that the hike up the mountain was hard, but inspiring and thought-provoking.  Many great analogies were expressed, comparing the climb to events in life.  I learned to appreciate the stark difference between the glory of the sun, the moon, and the stars.  This climb and the beautiful testimony meeting on Mount Sinai will never be erased from my memory.
By the time the meeting ended, we were all baking in the sun.  It was time to head down.  We took the same staircase back down to the place of the pass, and then went the older, traditional route, which is a long, steep, winding staircase leading directly to the monastery.  It would be a killer to come up this way.
Return to Israel, overnight at Taba on beach
Wednesday, April 18, 1984
Coral World, snorkeling and sunbathing, Joe Dale arrives from Kuwait
Fireside: "Lehi in the Wilderness" by Brother Harris
Home Evening skits
Nightlife in Eilat (modern Sodom and Gomorrah!)
WHY AM I HERE (Sung to the tune of WHOM SHALL I SERVE?)
Why am I here?
$6,000 dollars down the drain,
And I will never be the same
Since I came to Israel.
The Arabs pinch hard.
I'm getting tired of cube lard.
The sheets are short, the beds are hard,
And I feel that no one cares.
But in Israel anything is possible!
You must reach and slap a hand!
In Israel anything is possible!
Those who have eyes to see will surely STARE!
Don't be scared in the Old City!
The people there will drive you mad--
"Hallo," "Yes please!," "Axcuse me!," "Sank you!" they said,
And we know that no one cares.
But in the Old City anything is possible!
You must reach and slap a hand!
In the Old City anything is possible!
Those who have hands to grab will surely GRAB!
"Two for one dollar!"
At Ramat Rachel
It's getting not to be so bad.
The Harris' and Richins' are like Moms and Dads
And we know that someone cares.
And in our group anything is possible.
Everyone's reaching out a hand.
In our group anything is possible.
Now that we're almost through, IT'S NOT SO BAD!!!
Thursday, April 19, 1984
More snorkeling and sunbathing, dinner in Eilat (1,000 shekels to dispose of on non-kosher food)
New roommates
Friday, April 20, 1984
Good Friday Procession in Jerusalem
Young Adults: "A Lion In The Desert"
Saturday, April 21, 1984
Shabbat: Jerusalem Branch Easter Service with Pres. Galbraith, the sacrament (matzah), "He Is Not Here" by the choir, Anita Esplin
Sunday, April 22, 1984
Easter baskets given to guys from girls
Jerusalem Branch Sunrise Easter Service at Orson Hyde Memorial Garden at 5:30 a.m.: Bill Boyle, Sister Ogden, Dan Rona, Becky Burnham's poem
Various Easter services in the Old City
Monday, April 23, 1984
Passover ends--last day of matzah!
Tuesday, April 24, 1984
Walk from Jerusalem to Jericho along Wadi Kelt with Dann Hone: rain, Good Samaritan Inn, St. George's Monastery, N.T. Jericho
Wednesday, April 25, 1984
Political Science panel on "A Solution to the Arab-Israeli Dilemma" with Dr. Landau and Dr. Bahbah
Thursday, April 26, 1984
FT to Model City, Yad Vashem, Menorah, Knesset, Shrine of the Book, Israel Museum
Friday, April 27, 1984
Old Testament final
Political Science optional class papers due
Young Adults: Luau!  The Muppets, native dance performances, skits, the Man of Romance (totally out of control), "Oh We're Going To A Hukilau," dance
Group Letter to David Letterman:
April 27, 1984
Dear Dave, Paul & Larry Bud:
We are American University students studying in Jerusalem.  We have been faithful viewers of your show since the early 60's.  However, being in a foreign land, we haven't been able to see your show for three long months.  We are greatly distressed over this.
During the recent Jewish Passover Festival, we, living at a strictly kosher kibbutz, have been denied TOAST.  If this weren't enough, we were given blah, saltless, tasteless matzah instead of bread.  To add to our suffering the kibbutz has offered no Toast in the days since the Passover ended.
So, David, could you help us out?  We would really like a case of Larry Bud Melman's Toast on a Stick.  In addition, we would request a videotape (V.H.S.) of your really good show.
Just a final note:  If we could get your show here, Late Night would be in the early morning and lose all its appeal; you would no doubt start sounding like Bryant Gumble.
Really Sincerely,
American Students
P.O. Box 20218
Jerusalem, Israel
Saturday, April 28, 1984
Shabbat: "A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief" by Anita Esplin and Joann Richardson, the Call family, "Families Are Forever" by the Calls
Fireside: "The Law of Consecration" by Pres. Galbraith
Sunday, April 29, 1984
Remembrance Day
New Testament begins
FT #7  Herodion and Bethlehem: Herodion, Tekoa, Judean Wilderness (nap time), Church of the Nativity and authentic wedding, Grotto of the Nativity
Monday, April 30, 1984
Scuba divers leave for two-day trip to the Red Sea to certify
Tuesday, May 1, 1984
Optional excursion to Mar Saba Monastery
Corn-on-the-cob for dinner
Wednesday, May 2, 1984
Fireside: "The Temple in Jerusalem" by Pres. Galbraith
Thursday, May 3, 1984
Political Science final
Announcement of groups for Galilee
Friday, May 4, 1984
Optional trip to Al-Fajr
Young Adults: "Man From Snowy River"
Saturday, May 5, 1984
Shabbat: Fast and Testimony Meeting
Sirens sound at 8:30 p.m.
Daylight savings begins in Israel
Sunday, May 6, 1984
Independence Day--Israel's 36th birthday
Sirens sound at 11:00 a.m.
Group A: invasion of West Jerusalem with hammers, fireworks, dancing in the streets
Group B: Afikim for breakfast, families assigned, program, fireworks, dance, games, steak fry, carnival
Monday, May 7, 1984
Group A: FT #8  Jezreel Valley and Lower Galilee: Bet Alfa Synagogue, Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation, Church of St. Joseph, Mount of Precipitation, Cana, Arbel--"I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus," Kare Deshe
Group B: the party continues, picnic, Home Evening games
Tuesday, May 8, 1984
Group A: class, movies after dinner
Group B: banana fields, "Lone Wolf" movie
Wednesday, May 9, 1984
Group A: class on Mount of Beatitudes, "Swamp Monster" episode
Group B: banana fields, kibbutz secretary visits
Thursday, May 10, 1984
Group A: class, General Conference
Group B: banana fields, folkdancing
Friday, May 11, 1984
Group A: class, Young Adults cupcake party on the beach, singing
Group B: banana fields, FT #8  Jezreel Valley and Lower Galilee
I sit on the shore of the placid sea
And here I seek myself.
If I were here when he was,
Would I see grace in his face?
Would I see the love of a single touch
And run to catch his words?
Now I watch in mute submission.
The echoed tales flow on.
Those waves roar up to the rocks.
They, like the wind,
Come to be blown from here.
Even now do I catch that current
Of what he must have been?
His calming love,
His tender sounds,
They roar more piercing on.
Can't I see the love of a single touch?
Won't I run to catch his words?
(Robin Ottesen)
Life at Kare Deshe was certainly a contrast to the unlimited food at Afikim.  After a meal or two at the youth hostel, it was easy to fast.  Salad, water, bread, eggs, yogurt, and cheese for two out of three meals had to be constantly supplemented with a popsickle or ice cream, or a trip in the van to Tiberias.  To try to offset the food, more than once the groups treated themselves to cookies, popcorn, M & M's, banana boats, cupcakes, chocolate bars, or pancakes.
The quiet atmosphere of Kare Deshe, in a setting of huge trees, peacocks, and tropical flowers, made it easy to absorb the New Testament as we were challenged to make our time in the Galilee the best we could.  Classes in the mornings on the shore of the calm Sea of Galilee or on the Mount of Beatitudes (despite the din of fighter planes constantly reminding us of the current state of affairs) were followed by golden afternoons filled with hours to study, think, write, swim, nap, or visit nearby sites.  Evening hours were often spent watching movies or sessions of General Conference.  Late night reading, walks, talks, or midnight dips in the Sea of Galilee set the capstone on fun-filled days.
Precious time at Poriyya and Mount Tabor, set high above their surroundings, also enabled us to lift our spirits as we beheld the rustic, fertile countryside the Savior of the world had also come to love.  Sunrises over the Sea of Galilee, quiet times alone with the New Testament, or group excursions through meadows and mountain¡sides will never be forgotten.
Saturday, May 12, 1984
Shabbat: Groups A and B at Afikim, Susan Patrick, Kaye Davis, Paul Richins
Group picture (agony in the amphitheater)
Group A: Afikim
Group B: Poriyya
Sunday, May 13, 1984
Mother's Day
Group A: banana fields, archives tour, families assigned
Group B: class, Kare Deshe, General Conference
Monday, May 14, 1984
Group A: banana fields, factory tour
Group B: class on Mount of Beatitudes, "The Robe," full moon
Tuesday, May 15, 1984
Waterslide party near Tiberias
Group A: banana fields, banana cream pie party
Group B: class, General Conference
Wednesday, May 16, 1984
Group A: banana fields, banana splits, kibbutz secretary visits
Group B: girls move to the bungalows, class, "Mary Poppins"
Thursday, May 17, 1984
FT #9  Sea of Galilee, Huleh Valley, Golan (2 days--combined): Boat ride from Tiberias to Capernaum--"Master, The Tempest Is Raging," Chorazin, Hazor, Huleh Valley, Tell Dan, Lebanese border at Metullah--"The Good Fence," football game at Tell Hai Youth Hostel
Friday, May 18, 1984
Caesarea Philippi (Banias), Nimrod's Castle, Syrian border at Quneitra, hike to the missing Hexagonal Pools, Hainsworth tries scuba diving without any equipment, swimming at Nof Ginnosar Kibbutz, a few get lost
Group A: Poriyya
Group B: Afikim
Only Love knows the depths of agony.
The horror of Hate is emptiness,
But Love comprehends the deepest abyss of pain.
Only Love can kneel in a garden
And drain the cup of Universal Grief.
None but Love can bleed from every pore
For someone else.
Only Love can fathom loneliness,
Alone to cry above tumultuous noise,
"My God, My God,
Why hast Thou forsaken me?"
Only Love can die of broken heart
Only Love can rise
From the rejection, the beating, the blood;
Can ascend from the depths of hell
To quicken the universe with light.
Only Love,
Refined and glorified,
Can purge the human heart;
Can claim His own
And in Him make them one.
Hate, in all its ugliness, exists,
But only Love,
Only Love can live.
Afikim was a great chance for us to see how a collective society similar to the United Order works.  As one of the largest, richest, and most effective kibbutzim in Israel, with everything from a small "Disneyland" to a zoo, Afikim is very impressive.  Work in the banana fields, the cotton fields, or the laundry was our only payment for the great times that lay in store.
After a morning of hard work, interrupted only by a breakfast break, a large meal and showers followed by a dip in the swimming pool or a nap was most welcome.  The food was great and filling, and a fresh supply of bananas, oranges, and citrus drinks in our building kept us stuffed.  Weekly movies (sometimes in Hebrew) offered a change of pace, and tours to different factories, the schools, and the archives kept us continually amazed.  Everyone had the opportunity to go inside an Israeli home and meet with a family.
The people of Afikim, though apathetic towards organized religion, and Christianity in particular, taught us much about Christ-like traits such as hard work, community support, and honest living.  Perhaps most amazing was the friendliness and generosity of the kibbutzniks.  We both gained from each other and gave of ourselves.
Saturday, May 19, 1984
Shabbat: Group A: Laurie Coster, Nena Walker, Diane Foss, Chris Jensen, General Conference
Shabbat: Group B: Gary Richins, Debbie Reynolds, Loriann Garff, Scott Christensen
Sunday, May 20, 1984
Group A: Mount Tabor, "Mary Poppins"
Group B: banana fields, factory tour, Roman History
Monday, May 21, 1984
Brother Ogden visits both groups
Group A: class, Kare Deshe, Lag BeOmer holiday bonfires
Group B: banana fields, archives tour, folkdancing
Tuesday, May 22, 1984
Group A: class, General Conference
Group B: banana fields, T-shirts, steak fry, basketball game, "Return of Max Dugan"
Wednesday, May 23, 1984
Group A: class, General Conference, Afikim, Oreo party
Group B: banana fields, Kare Deshe, General Conference
Thursday, May 24, 1984
Group A: banana fields, "Smurf" movie
Group B: Mount Tabor, "Star Wars"
Friday, May 25, 1984
Group A: banana fields, kibbutz cake, Young Adults banana splits party
Group B: class, waterskiing, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Saturday, May 26, 1984
Shabbat: Group A: Robin Ottesen, Brandon Bennett, "There Is Beauty All Around" and "Love Is Spoken Here" by Allison Foote and Brent Belnap, Tracey Warner, Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett's real birthday--party and brownies
Shabbat: Group B: Diane Hoer, Carrie Jacobsen, Lisa Barker, Linda Richins, Theresa Hannon
Sunday, May 27, 1984
Group A: banana fields, factory tour, T-shirts, folkdancing
Group B: class, Sheri Godfrey gives haircuts
Monday, May 28, 1984
Group A: banana fields, wearing signs, steak fry, dance in bomb shelter
Group B: class, "Masada"
You are probably going through this right now: "I would study the gospel more if I just had enough time," or maybe "Sorry, but I'm just too busy."  More than one has thought, "If I get up at 4:30, then I will finally have the time to read the scrip¡tures."  These problems of being too busy will probably be with us for the rest of our lives.
Thank goodness, though, there was a time when we were able to take a full month off just to study the gospel.  As time goes by, I hope that we will come to think of our time in the Galilee as one of the highlights of not only the trip, but of our lives.  We had the opportunity to do what the majority of people can only dream of doing--studying the Gospels on site.
The last week of Christ's life that we studied later in Jerusalem was more significant and dramatic than his Galilean ministry, but it was great to be able to spend so much time studying the teachings and miracles of Christ in the Galilee before returning to Jerusalem to study the great and terrible events there.  (Bill Boyle)
Tuesday, May 29, 1984
FT #10  Upper Galilee, Coastal Plains: Brother Ogden joins us, Maritsa's baptism in the Jordan River by Mark Lybbert and confirmation by Boyd Tingey, Caesarea, aqueducts, folkdancing in amphitheater, Jaffa
Jerusalem Branch History:
Almost the entire district was present on May 29, 1984 for the Jordan River baptism of Maritza deLourdes Mercado, a young lady from Nicaragua who had been met by representatives Nolan and Lois Oswald in Tel Aviv.  Speaking only Spanish, Sis. Mercado had been taught the gospel by two BYU students, Darrell Matthews and Mark Lybbert, who had served Spanish-speaking missions.  The ordinance was prefaced by another example of baptism, as performed by one of the Christian Orthodox churches; just as the service was getting underway, a priest arrived in the company of five older women, whom he sent unescorted into the river.  According to June Holt, they "stumbled out to where the water was quite deep, and there he ordered them to immerse themselves.  One of the students suggested we sing 'I Am a Child of God.'  We sang softly as the women immersed themselves five times in the water and then struggled back to the shore."  The group sat quietly for a moment, contemplating the difference between what they had just seen and the divinely-ordained method to be performed for Sis. Mercado.  Then the LDS baptism proceeded as planned.  (Steven W. Baldridge, Grafting In, pp. 72-73)
Wednesday, May 30, 1984
'48 War walks (drive)
Jerusalem Day
Special Lecture: "Christian Religions in Israel" by Daniel Rossing
Thursday, May 31, 1984
Friday, June 1, 1984
'48 War walks (walk)
BYU A Capella Choir at Dormition Abbey sings "Jerusalem, Jerusalem," "Come, Come Ye Saints," and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," Mayor Teddy Kolleck attends
History final
Young Adults: Ya'acov Eliav's role in Israel's independence and promotion of his new book, Wanted, with diagrams on how to make a letter bomb
Saturday, June 2, 1984
Shabbat: Fast and Testimony Meeting at Orson Hyde Memorial Garden, BYU A Capella Choir
Jerusalem Branch History:
Later in the month [of May] the BYU A Cappella Choir, led by Ralph Woodward, arrived in Israel to perform at the Jerusalem Theatre and the Dormition Abbey.  Their presence prompted branch leaders to hold Sabbath testimony services on June 2 at the Orson Hyde Garden, where the choir sang once again for the benefit of the branch.  (Steven W. Baldridge, Grafting In, p. 73)
Sunday, June 3, 1984
FT #11  Last Week of Jesus' Life (3 days): New Testament walks: Lazarus' Tomb in Bethany, walk to Bethphage Church--"There Is A Green Hill Near At Hand" and "The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare," Dominus Flevit
Monday, June 4, 1984
New Testament walks: Upper Room--"I Feel My Savior's Love" by the choir and other hymns, Garden of Gethsemane, St. Peter in Gallicantu
Brandon Bennett leaves and Kristy Hansen attacked (no correlation)
Wedding party and dance at Ramat Rachel
Tuesday, June 5, 1984
New Testament walks: St. Anne's Church--"Christ The Lord Is Risen Today" and "Peace Be With You" by Becky Burnham and Wendy Simmons, Sisters of Zion Convent, Garden Tomb--"He Is Not Here" by the choir and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"
Wednesday, June 6, 1984
Shavu'ot (Feast of Weeks)
Last day of classes
Thursday, June 7, 1984
Friday, June 8, 1984
Joseph Ogden born
New Testament final, Geography final
Young Adults: "Masada"
Saturday, June 9, 1984
Shabbat: Testimony Meeting at Orson Hyde Memorial Garden--five and one-half hours!, "Shine On" and "One Little Candle" by the choir, consecration of olive oil
Movie: "Where Jesus Walked"
Sunday, June 10, 1984
FT #12  Dead Sea Area (2 days): Arad, Masada--"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by Kimo Esplin, Brent Belnap, and Boyd Tingey, swimming in the Dead Sea ("No splashing!"), hiking and swimming at En Gedi, Brother Ogden and his guitar, En Gedi Youth Hostel
Monday, June 11, 1984
More hiking and swimming at En Gedi, reenactment of David's men, Qumran
Bible Reenactment Committee Report:
On our last fieldtrip to Masada and En Gedi (June 11), Craig Bennett and Scott Christensen portrayed David's men.  They climbed up the wadi where David is believed to have hidden out from Saul.  (Lisa Broadbent)
Once upon a time Instead, he saw, in grayish-white,
in the land of Israel, long objects wrapped in linen.
two Bedouin boys were herding At that time he didn't know
and all was going well. what treasures he was winning.
One was named "Mohammed" Pealing back part of the cloth
. . . referred to as "the wolf." he found some rolls of leather.
He kept a very careful count Words of Hebrew covered them,
of goats on Dead Sea's gulf. each written with a feather.
When much to his surprise, Mohammed put the lid back on
he noticed one was missing. and left the Qumran cave.
Mohammed yelled "Come help me look!" He carried down the jars he'd found
but Jr. wasn't listening. from being a Bedouin brave.
His footsteps took him quickly In spring of '47
to find that lonely goat. goats weren't doing well.
He knew just what to look for He took his "bud" to Bethlehem
. . . each marking on its coat. to see if scrolls would sell.
Mohammed came to North-West slopes No one seemed too interested
near land of Jericho. in buying from their jars.
At Qumran's caves he gazed and said, Some thought they were stolen,
"That's surely where she'd go!" most thought "It's a farce!"
"When other goats depart the herd It wasn't until later
they seem to come up here. that a metropolitan man
So I throw stones into the cave bought five scrolls at 10 pounds each
and always they appear." and kept them close at hand.
Mohammed placed a rock in hand On November 29th
and threw with all his might. At the famous Hebrew "U"
Sure enough, his aim was on, Professor E. L. Sukenik
but something wasn't right. got in on the scrolls, too.
For when his rock hit Qumran's cave He studied and translated
'twas heard the sound of clatter. the writing on the scrolls.
He climbed with quickness up the hill It was the book of Isaiah . . .
to see what was the matter. a prophet's words in full.
When he stepped inside the cave The findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls
there came a big surprise. has broadened all our knowledge.
Eight large jars of pottery Because of caves inside this cliff
sat right before his eyes. we learn much more at college.
Each one stood at 2 ft. tall The moral of this story,
with lids like up-turned dishes. in case you want to know,
He looked inside with hopes to find "If you lose your Billy Goat . . .
the riches of his wishes. be careful where you throw!!"
With Love,
Penni Johnson
Tuesday, June 12, 1984
Scuba divers leave for three-day trip to Ras Muhammad
It all began, like most things at Ramat Rachel, with a list.  Those interested in taking a scuba diving course were supposed to sign a paper on the bulletin board in the main hall.  This was a difficult signature financially as well as psychologi¡cally.  After a few long distance phone calls home to get the O.K. from parents, eighteen people had joined the class.
Boxes full of fins, masks, and snorkels from past programs were brought up from the basement.  We dug through the boxes and tried everything on right there in the front hall to get the perfect fit.  Then it was off to the swimming pool, and we were excited and nervous at the same time.
The testing began right away.  David, our instructor, had us swim laps, tread water, swim with a weight belt on, and he timed us as we held our breath under water.  Our theory classes were held in the small classroom beneath the office.  There we learned of the many horrible things that can happen to your body if you dive incorrectly (and we thought plain old drowning was bad).  The class memorized dive tables, learned first aid, and learned how to use and care for scuba equipment.  Many of our questions were answered in these classes.  For example: "What do you do when you are a hundred feet under water and you run out of air?" or "How do you stop a shark from eating you?" or "Do you know anyone who died while they were scuba diving?"
Back in the pool, each learned the art of clearing water from his mask by blowing air out the nose, along with the correct use of snorkel and fins.  When we heard what the final test in the pool would be, we thought it would eliminate half of us.  We were required to put all of our equipment on the bottom of the pool, put on fins, put on mask and clear it while surfacing, and then swim two laps with that equipment on.
It was a busy time.  We ran back and forth between the pool and Ramat Rachel many times in the freezing wind and rain.  The same day we began working with the air tanks, the Boy Scouts had a fund raising pancake breakfast.  These were the first pancakes we had eaten in three months.  With all of the strawberries, whipped cream, and syrup we consumed, there was no need for weight belts in the pool.  All of the girls attended a delicious Relief Society luncheon that day, too.
We went through the process (struggle) of gearing up BC, weight belt, regulator, tank, mask, fins, and snorkel.  It was quite a feeling sinking down into the water and not coming back up for a breath for at least ten minutes.  We could relax and breathe completely submerged in the pool, free of weight, and we could move in any direction just like an astronaut in space.  Each time we did a dive, we became more relaxed and confident in the water.
One day President Galbraith hauled all of us in the white BYU van into the city for chest x-rays.  In addition to this, each of us was examined by a doctor to ensure that his lungs and health were up to the scuba diving sport.  Now we were ready for the Red Sea--the best diving in the world!
At 5:00 a.m., after warm pitas for breakfast, we loaded the bus and headed off to Eilat.  We tried to get some sleep, but everyone was awake to see the spectacular sunrise over the Dead Sea.  We passed the fortress of Masada and crossed the Book of Mormon wilderness of Nephi, and arrived at Lucky Diver's Club in Eilat at about 9:00 a.m.
We were divided into groups (A, B, and C), assigned equipment, and in the water before you could say Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.  It hurt the bottoms of our feet to walk on the rough beach with the heavy equipment on our backs.  It was a new experience to dive in the sea, because we went deep and we had to clear our ears from the water pressure.  We saw things that you can't find in a swimming pool: puffer fish, sea cucumbers, stone fish, urchins, etc.  Some of us got a lesson that was not included in the scuba diving package: we got a free lesson in anatomy on the x-rated beaches as we laid out under the sun.
Other people came down to Eilat along with the scuba class to snorkel and dive.  At the end of the day we were all a little sunburned.  All of us lodged at Max's Youth Hostel.  It was a blast.  There was a kitchen in our apartment, so we found a grocery store and bought all of the fixings for a spaghetti dinner.  With a little creativity and ingenuity, we made a dinner while we listened to "Earth, Wind and Fire."
Our favorite places to eat in Eilat were the pancake house and the American waffle place.  An American waffle consisted of one waffle loaded with about ten scoops of multi-flavored ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and, of course, a cherry.
Our last lesson in the water was life saving.  Misty volunteered to be the drowning diver and to do mouth-to-mouth with our handsome dive instructor.  When we practiced the life saving, some did a better job of drowning each other when they started laughing.
After the written test we needed to make five deep dives.  The first was at Taba.  We went down twenty-one meters and saw beautiful fish and coral, and an unexpected skinny dipper (no one we knew, of course).  It was like entering another world, and we were just observers among all of the colorful fish.
We made another trip down to Eilat to finish our deep dives.  President Galbraith joined us on this trip, and he brought his underwater camera.  Our dives included Moses Rock, Japanese Gardens, Taba, and the Lighthouse dive.  We were now certified!  Our diving cards would come to us later in the mail, but we all returned to Jerusalem with our skin a little darker, a "Lucky Divers" T-shirt, and great memories of our spectacular visits with our good friends to the Red Sea.  (Kaye Davis)
We remem-remem-remember of
Ras Muhammad good times forever,
Laughing and singing and doing whatever
We enjoy, no matter the weather.
Sleeping beneath the stars so bright
In the sands of Sinai,
Scuba in the morning and eating all night
With "Sir David" and the students from the "Y."
Riding on the boat with dolphins in the wake,
Waves so high they're giving off spray.
Tanning in the sun, what can we say.
Paco and Shareen leading the way.
Swimming with the turtle in Na'ama Bay,
We tried to catch him, but the critter got away.
Sitting at the snack bar wolfing down shark,
We watched the full moon cut through the dark.
Surfing on the deck with Jeff and the gang,
Barfing down below, ugh! oh dang.
The yellow Apunara through the Straits of Tiran,
Adriane at the wheel, we're cruzin' along.
"Cousteauing" off the boat with scuba gear on,
Twenty meters down the current's so strong.
Pulling on the chain, we're diving a wreck.
Mary Poppin's back, it's funner than heck.
White tipped shark and moray eel,
Manta ray, no lie, they're real.
Deep blue sea with photo buff.
The coral was sharp, but we were tough.
Thanks to Ralph for the organized plan,
Petra too, as she raced the blue van.
We're sorry to leave, we want you to know.
You're number one, and we love you so!
Teresa Blauer and Paul Wangemann leave (a definite correlation)
Parent's group arrives in Jerusalem, more games
Wednesday, June 13, 1984
Thursday, June 14, 1984
Mark Lybbert and Chris Petersen leave
Friday, June 15, 1984
Susan Patrick, Debbie Reynolds, Melissa Whittier, and Diane Foss leave
Young Adults: "The Sound of Music"
Saturday, June 16, 1984
Shabbat: Jeanee Seljestad, Angie Holdaway, "The Holy City" by Allison Foote and Brent Belnap, Brother Harris, Pres. Galbraith
Audio File (mp3)
"The Holy City" sung by Allison Foote and Brent J. Belnap, Mormon House, Jerusalem Israel; Israel Sounds  
Goodbye Jerusalem Branch
Farewell Fireside and slides with Brother Ogden
Sunday, June 17, 1984
Last chance to folkdance
Monday, June 18, 1984
Load up buses at 4:00 a.m.
Massive hassle at the airport
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