Rev. Jeremiah ("Jeremy") Belknap, Preacher and Historian
(Gilbert Belnap's 4th cousin twice removed)
Abraham Belknap
(c. 1589/90-1643)
= Mary Stallion
(c. 1595-bef 1672)
Sarah Jones
(abt 1631-1689)
= Samuel Belknap
(c. 1627/28-bef 1701)
Joseph Belknap
(c. 1633-1712)
= Ruth Williams
Hannah Ayer
= Ebenezer Belknap
Joseph Belknap
= Deborah Fitch
Mary Dickinson
(1703-aft 1757)
= Samuel Belknap
(abt 1702-bef 1757)
Jeremiah Belknap
= Sarah Fosdick
(dates unknown)
(abt 1741-1774)
= Jesse Belknap
(1739-aft 1818)
Joseph Belknap
= Sarah Byles
Eunice Hall
= Jesse Belnap
Jeremiah Belknap
= Ruth Eliot
(dates unknown)
Jane Richmond
= Rosel Belnap
(1) Adaline Knight
(2) Henrietta McBride
= Gilbert Belnap
(Sources: Belnap Family Organization files.)
For additional information on Rev. Jeremy Belknap, see:
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Works by Rev. Jeremy Belknap:
Historical/Biographical Works
History of New Hampshire. 3 vols. Vol. I, Philadelphia, 1784; vol. II, Boston, 1791; vol. III, Boston, 1792; new ed., 3 vols., Dover [N. H.], 1812; rev. ed., Boston, 1813; new ed. by Farmer, John [ed.], vol. I only, Dover, [N. H.], 1831
American Biography. 2 vols. Boston, 179498; ed. Hubbard, F. M., 1843; 3 vols., 1857
Sacred Music
Sacred Poetry: consisting of Psalms and Hymns, adapted to Christian Devotion, in Public and Private
(Boston: Thomas and Andrews and West and Blak, 1812)
Sacred Poetry consisting of Psalms and Hymns, adapted to Christian Devotion, in publick and private, selected from the best authors, with variations and additions. A New Edition, with additional hymns
(Boston: Thomas Wells, 1817)
Sermon on Military Duty, November 10, 1772. Salem [Mass.], 1773
An Election Sermon before the General Court of New Hampshire, June 2, 1785. Portsmouth, 1785
Sermon before the Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts, May 26, 1796. Boston, 1796
Sermon on the Day of the National Fast, May 9, 1798. Boston, 1798
The Foresters . . . or a Sequel to the History of John Bull the Clothier. Boston, 1792; 2d ed., enlarged, Boston, 1796
Discourse to Commemorate the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Boston, 1792
The Belknap Papers. Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., 5th series, vols. 2 and 3; 6th series, vol. 4 [correspondence of Belknap and Ebenezer Hazard.]
Journal of a Tour to the White Mountains in July, 1784. Mass. Hist. Soc. Col. Ser. v, vol. 2, pp. 386401. Boston, 1876
Journal of a Tour from Boston to Oneida, June, 1796. Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Ser. I, v. 19, 1882. Also separate. Cambridge, 1882
Works about Rev. Jeremy Belknap:
[Belknap, Miss J.] Life of Jeremy Belknap with Selections from his Writings . . . arranged by his Granddaughter. 1847
Kirkland, J. T. Sermon at the Interment of Rev. Jeremy Belknap . . . [with] a Sketch of his Character and List of his Works. Boston, 1798
"Jeremy Belknap and Ebenezer Hazard, 1782-84," New England Quarterly, vol. 2, No. 2 (Apr 1929), pp. 183-198 (by Lawrence Shaw Mayo)
"Jeremy Belknap: Pioneer Nationalist," The New England Quarterly, vol. 10, No. 4 (Dec 1937), pp. 743-751 (by Charles William Cole)
Jeremy Belknap: A Biography (by George B. Kirsch)
The American Plutarch: Jeremy Belknap and the Historian's Dialogue with the Past (Praeger, 1998) (by Russell M. Lawson)
Clio's Consort: Jeremy Belknap and the Founding of the Massachusetts Historical Society (by Louis Leonard Tucker)
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