This summary genealogical relationship chart shows known descendants of Richard Beltoft, earliest known progenitor of the Belknap/Belnap family.
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Richard Beltoft = Christian [---]
(bef 1470-bef 1510) (dates unknown)
John Beltoft Laurence Beltoft Edmund (Edmond) Beltoft Thomas Beltoft [female] Beltoft [female] Beltoft
(bef 1490-1545/1546) (abt 1495-bef 1544/1545) (unkn-aft 1550) (abt 1497-unkn) (abt 1499-unkn) (abt 1501-unkn)
= (1) Isabel [---] = (2) Margaret Tredgold = [spouse unknown]
(dates unknown) (dates unknown)
[no known issue] Joan Beltoft Richard Beltoft Alice Beltoft [female] Beltoft
(unknown-abt 1543) (abt 1520-1599) (abt 1537-unknown) (abt 1530-unkn)
= William Waller = Elizabeth [---] = William Stubbs = [male] Sutton
(dates unknown) (unkn-1588/1589) (abt 1525-unkn) (abt 1535-unkn)
Margaret (Meg) Waller Bennet Beltoft alias Belknap Alice Beltoft Josias Beltoft or Belknap 3 known children: 3 known children:
(dates unknown) (abt 1560-1624) (chr. 1561-bef 1594) (chr. 1562-1599/1600) Elizabeth Stubbs Clement Sutton
= William Gyrton = Grace Adam = Edward Lyndesell = (prob.) [---] Brown Mary Stubbs William Sutton
(unkn-bef 1561) (1561-1630) (unkn-aft 1602) (dates unknown) George Stubbs Richard Sutton
Abraham Belknap f/k/a Beltoft Frances Beltoft John Beltoft or Belknap Daniel Beltoft or Belknap Josias Beltoft of Belknap 6 known children: [no known issue]
(chr. 1589/1590-1643) (chr. 1590/1591-unkn) (chr. 1593-1655) (chr. 1595-1658) (chr. 1599-1674) Edward Lyndesell
= Mary Stallion = Edward Doucet = Elizabeth [---] = Barbara [---] = Anne Milles Thomas Lyndesell
(chr. 1595-bef 1672) (dates unknown) (unkn-1678/1679) (unkn-bef 1658) (unkn-1683) Daniel Lyndesell
John Lyndesell
George Lyndesell
Emigrated to America; [no known issue] Grace Belknap John Belknap Elizabeth Belknap Daniel Belknap Henry Belknap Samuel Belknap Barbara Belknap Josias Belknap Mary Belknap Daniel Belknap John Belknap James Belknap Grace Belknap Francis Lyndesell
for his descendants see: (chr. 1630-unkn) (chr. 1631-1637) (chr. 1633-unkn) (chr. 1634-1663) (chr. 1637-1686) (chr. 1639/1640-unkn) (chr. 1642-unkn) (chr. 1632-1656) (chr. 1634-unkn) (chr. 1635/1636-1680) (chr. 1637/1638-aft 1680) (chr. 1640-1687) (chr. 1641/1642-bef 1674) = (1) Elizabeth Dowsett = (2) Mary Pery = Elizabeth Nicholls = Thomas Browne = Mary Crane = Susanna [---]
[no issue]   (unkn-1665)   (unkn-1687) (dates unknown) [no issue]   (dates unknown) (dates unknown)   (dates unknown)
- [child] Beltoft - James Belknap - Thomas Browne - Daniel Belknap
  (unknown-1663)   (chr. 1667-unkn)   (chr. 1669-unkn)   (chr. 1675-1678/1679)
- Henry Belknap - Daniel Belknap - John Browne - Susan Belknap
  (chr. 1664-1686)   (c. 1668/1669-1688/89)   (chr. 1673-unkn) (chr. 1682-unkn)
- Elizabeth Belknap - Mary Belknap - Mary Browne
(chr. 1665-unknown)   (chr. 1670-unkn) (chr. 1675-unkn)
- Samuel Belknap
  (chr. 1673-unkn)
- Benett Belknap
  (chr. 1674/1675-unkn)
- Sarah Belknap
  (chr. 1676-unkn)
- Abraham Belknap
  (chr. 1679/1680-unkn)
- Mary Belknap
(chr. 1681-1704)
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