Included below are links to important resources on the Annable ancestry of Gilbert Belnap:
Annable Family Publications
Anable, Anthony. The Annable Family In America, 1623-1967: The Story of a Pilgrim Father, Anthony Annable, 1599-1674, of Plymouth Plantation, And His Descendants for Eleven Generations
Annable, Ken & Emilia. The Annable Family In Canada
Stratton, Eugene Aubrey. Plymouth Colony: Its History and People, 1620-1691 (1986)
Deane, Samuel. History of Scituate, Massachusetts, from Its First Settlement to 1831
Swift, C. F. Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, Being a Reprint of the Amos Otis Papers, vol. 1 (1888), pp. 13-20: Annable  
Annable Family Documents
Great Migration Begins: Anthony Annable (Jul 2009)  
Mayflower History: The 1623 Division of Land (pages 991-94)  
Mayflower History: The 1627 Division of Cattle (pages 998-1002)  
Will of Anthony Annible, 24 Feb 1672; codicil 23 Apr 1674  
Annable Family Internet Links
Annable Family Genealogy Forum  
Annabel Family Genealogy Forum  
Anthony Annable  
Anthony Annable  
Anthony Annable  
Scituate Historical Society: Early Scituate Families: Anthony Annable  
Paul and Diana Annable's Home Page  
Plimoth Plantation  
Pilgrim Hall Museum  
Plymouth Ancestors  
Cape Cod Genealogical Society  
Plymouth Colony Archive Project  
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