John de Cardewell (Cardwell).


de Cardewell (Cardwell), John



Nature of request:

Carewell requests that the clerks of the Crown be ordered that they do not make a writ to bring the Beltofts to Newgate as this is to their advantage as they are currently imprisoned in Tickhill Castle for many felonies committed against him. Their friends have procured for them to be appealed by an appealer of Newgate, and if they are transferred this will ruin Carewell's suit against them by oyer and terminer.

Nature of endorsement:


Places mentioned:

Tickhill Castle, [West Riding of Yorkshire]; Newgate prison, [London].

People mentioned:

Simon de Beltoft; Thomas [de Beltoft], brother of Simon de Beltoft.

Date derivation:

The petition dates to c. 1321 as a reference in Chancery Warrants records an order to the constable of Tickhill to arrest the Beltofts and others for their assault on Cardewell (CCW 1244-1326, pp.522-3).



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