Simon de Beltoft and Thomas de Beltoft the younger


de Beltoft; de Beltoft, Simon; Thomas


King and council

Nature of request:

[Two separate petitions:]Simon de Beltoft states that William le Barker, Adam Belle and other malefactors from Wheatley attacked and wounded him there, and imprisoned him in Tickhill castle; and that Robert de Beckingham, William de Whibourne, Hugh, son of Hugh de Wybourne, Piers de Dynyngton, Alan de Kynardfery, Thomas, son of Thomas de Bekyngham and others attacked and wounded him in the church of Beckingham. He requests a commission of oyer and terminer, and that the fine to have the writs for this might be released to him.Thomas de Beltoft states that he was attacked and wounded in Beckingham by Robert de Saundeby, William Warde of Saundeby, William de Whibourne, Thomas, son of Thomas de Bekyngham and others. He requests a commission of oyer and terminer, and that the fine might be released to him.

Nature of endorsement:

They are to take action for themselves at common law and are to have the writs gratis, or they are to make fine to have justices.It is to be done by the fine of one mark, and John de Donecastr, Richard de Bermingham and Richard de Wilughby, or two of them, are to be appointed.

Places mentioned:

Wheatley, [Nottinghamshire]; Tickhill, [West Riding of Yorkshire]; Beckingham, [Nottinghamshire]; Weston, [Nottinghamshire]; Saundby, [Nottinghamshire].

People mentioned:

William le Barker, Constable of Tickhill; Adam Belle (Bell) of Wheatley; Robert de Beckingham, parson of Weston; William de Whibourne, parson of Saundby; Hugh [de Wybourne], son of Hugh de Wybourne; Piers de Dynyngton; Alan de Kynardfery of Beckingham; Thomas [de Bekyngham], son of Thomas de Bekyngham (Thomas Fitz Thomas of Beckingham); Robert de Saundeby; William Warde of Saundby; John de Danecastre (Doncaster), justice; Richard de Bermingham (Birmingham), justice; Richard de Wilughby (Willoughby), justice; Robert Jorce, justice; John de Dounesle, justice

Date derivation:

CPR 1313-7 p.253 is dated at Westminster, 16 February 1315.



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