Margery de Kynardesle (Kinnersley).


de Kynardesle (Kinnersley), Margery



Nature of request:

Margery de Kynardesle requests right be done regarding Simon de Beltoft, who she fears intends to murder her. She states that Simon was outlawed for various felonies, but has falsely claimed to have been exiled with Lord Beaumont, and has attempted to secure a pardon for his crimes.1)

Nature of endorsement:

The King's ministers should not allow anyone outlawed to remain at large, and on that a writ is to be sent to the steward and marshal of the King's Household.2) It is witnessed before the Council that the king has pardoned the outlawry pronounced upon him for the trespass, providing that he surrenders himself and is ready to answer for the death, and it seems to the Council that he ought not be pardoned for the death.

Places mentioned:


People mentioned:

Simon de Beltoft; [...] de Bekyngham (Beckingham); Ralph de Beltoft; [...] Carwell; [Henry de Beaumont], Lord Beaumont.

Date derivation:

Datable to c. 1331 with reference to the exile of Lord Beaumont. Beaumont and his followers fled into exile following the failed coup attempt against Mortimer and Isabella in 1329, returning after Mortimer's fall in October 1330. Although most of the name of the county is missing, the eyre mentioned must be that held in Nottinghamshire in 1330.



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