Letter of Mary Belnap Paine to Gilbert Belnap



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Dear                             Nauvoo  Sept 11 1846

            Cousin  I take my pen in haste to

Write a few lines to you we are quite as well

As can be expected after as much war and

And trouble as we have had to pass through

I send these lines by brother William Cuttler

he will tell you all as it is and the ---

degradeing treaty entered into in order that

we may prepare to come to the Camp of

Iseral and the Great God only knows the

result of those matters but my heart

longs to rest with the saints of God ---

We have had one of our bloved bretheren

lay his life down by this rutheless mob

but our men fought valiantly for

three quarters of an hour incessant fire-

-ing of Cannon and small arms we only

lost three and two wounded not bad

we are appointed to tarry untill the

trustees leave next may Samuel as

one of the Clerks to settle buisness I ---

think I will not pack up my goods again

untill we leave this is only the third

time that we have expected to leave

the City and packed so to do but we are

l[i]kely to stay and see the winding up ---

scene in Nauvoo we have seen A sight

that you can never behold accept in ---

vision and I think it will be some

time before you have one --------

Why did you not bid us good-bye you

are a perfect rogue I believe but mend

your failing by writeing to me as soon

as possible give my love to all inquiring

Friends and particular respects to you and

yours  Mary Paine




Mr Gilbert Belnap

Camp of Iseral


            to the politen[e]ss of

            brother Cutler